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A Team's Journey: Part 4
Part 4: Finding Their Way
Kels brought a hand to her chin as she looked upon the still-moving blips that represented her missing warriors. There had to be something they were missing. If Breidablik was able to show her and her allies where missing heroes she'd summoned were located if they vanished from Askr's continent of Zenith, there had to be a way they could use this power to bring them home.
"Well, I think all we can do is keep digging," she then said. "Maybe return to the library and keep searching the books or seek a source outside the castle. There has to be a way we can use the power we just discovered to save the other Ike and Frederick. Otherwise, there'd be no point to it!"
"I agree," Anna replied. "This can only be half of the answer we need. Whatever someone from Muspell did, it was surely a magic we've never seen. Perhaps we can find a counter spell somewhere."
"We've searched through hundreds of books already though," Alfonse pointed out. "I don't think our library has
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Heroes Morgan (Frederick-fathered) by Great-Aether Heroes Morgan (Frederick-fathered) :icongreat-aether:Great-Aether 1 5 Kelli (Awakening tactician/Robin) by Great-Aether Kelli (Awakening tactician/Robin) :icongreat-aether:Great-Aether 10 12
A Team's Journey: Part 3
Breidablik's Secret Power
"Magvel? You mean Loki did throw us into another world entirely?!" Ike gasped, stupefied.
"I'm afraid so," Frederick replied. "This means we're going to have to find a way to open a portal in this world that will lead us back to Askr."
"...Well, that's just terrific."
Ike grumbled for a moment before continuing.
"Now that I think about it though, didn't that one dragon girl, Myrrh, mention that the Darkling Woods were her home? I don't get how she could stand to live here!"
"Well, these woods weren't always like this," Frederick explained. "At one point, it became a dark and dangerous place full of terrifying monsters. It was due to a being in this world known as the Demon King. He was originally sealed away in a temple here. But he had escaped and was later defeated by the efforts of Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika of Renais. We must've been transported to a period where that hadn't happened yet."
"I see... Well, in any case, we'll have to find a wa
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A Team's Journey: Part 2
Into the Unknown
"UGH! Neither of you saw ANYTHING?" Kels erupted at the two comrades that had remained with her after the recent battle.
" really caught up in the fighting," an aqua green haired lance wielder replied. "Sorry about that."
"I'm sorry too..." a blue haired man carrying a large axe replied. He was dressed in a brown and gold outfit befitting a veteran warrior, and yet, he looked like a younger version of the now missing legendary Ike.
"I suppose I'm not that good at noticing things around me when I'm fighting either..." he continued. "Frederick is much better at that. Maybe there are things I could learn from him and my older self."
"Me too, especially as prince of Renais," the lancer replied.
"Yes, I only wish I could've been there," the more normal version of Frederick replied, his light blue heavy armor clanking as he moved about. "But I know you were using an Earth team, milady."
Frederick's summer variation may have had an Earth blessing, but his normal
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A Team's Journey: Part 1 (FE Heroes Fic)
The Trickster's Spell
"You two sure you can take that side without the rest of us nearby?" the summoner and tactician of the group known as the Order of Heroes inquired. A woman in a white hooded cloak with hints of long dark blonde hair, she spoke to two tall muscular men. One was a blue-haired warrior garbed in ornate teal blue armor, a long red headband, and a dark red cape that was split into three flowing sections. He carried a large golden sword over his shoulder. The other man had dark brown hair and wasn't wearing much other than light blue swim shorts and a short-sleeved blue hoodie. He carried only a sharp seashell as his weapon. He had been brought into the army under rather unusual circumstances.
"Yeah, Kels, it shouldn't be much trouble," the blue-haired man agreed. "You did help us train to be quite powerful, you know. I can't even catch this version of Frederick! I'm surprised at how fast he is without his armor."
"I only do what is necessary to be strong," Frederick com
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Elincia: Queen of Flowers by Great-Aether Elincia: Queen of Flowers :icongreat-aether:Great-Aether 6 20 Jerec: Rabbit Lover by Great-Aether Jerec: Rabbit Lover :icongreat-aether:Great-Aether 2 8
Pregnancy Meme #7: A Royal Couple!
Pregnancy Meme 7: Bryan x Faline

Choose two characters who would like to be a couple. What franchise are they from?
Bryan and Faline, two characters from my Fire Emblem fic, FE: Dawn of Darkness! Obviously, they're FE OCs.
How did the couple react when the mother found out that she was pregnant?
Bryan: *looking over paperwork on his desk* Ugh, how do these nobles wrap their heads around this stuff, Faline? It's been two years since we were crowned and I'm still totally confused sometimes!
Faline: *grinning a little* I don't really know myself, honestly. But we'll get the hang of it, dear, I'm sure of it!
Bryan: I hope... But why are you looking strangely happy?
Faline: Oh, I'm just having a good day! *smile*
Bryan: ...Really? With all the things we put up with here? I guess even then there's an occasional nice day. *thumbing through more sheets of parchment until he sees one with a rather sloppy doodle of a baby, and the words "Daddy Do List" and a few r
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A Different New Addition
"Annie, sweetie, I'm just not sure what to do," a teal haired woman spoke to the infant she was nursing in her bedchambers. "Your father doesn't even know what else could be done."
Of course, since infants could not talk, Antoinette merely kept suckling. She was several months old at this point, and gaining a nice head of hair with the same color as her mother. It wouldn't be long before she would begin weaning Antoinette, however, as the baby girl was also in the process of teething and learning to eat solid foods. Her mother merely sighed as she continued feasting on the breast milk.
"I've given Twilight plenty of exercise and fed her properly," she said. "And even tried following your father's own crazy steed exercise regiment. He would always say it kept Sir Kieran in shape. But Twilight still looks too heavy..."
For the past few months, her Pegasus, Twilight, had been steadily gaining weight despite any efforts to keep her healthy. Though she looked fine otherwise, her owner still
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Character Study: Frederick
Welcome to my character study!  This will be about Frederick, the bear meat-hating, campfire-loving butler knight. Frederick is a veteran knight from the halidom of Ylisse, who first appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening. He is the lieutenant of the Shepherds, led by Ylisse's own prince, Chrom, and is also the personal retainer of Chrom and his sister, Lissa. He eventually also becomes the official knight captain and in charge of training and commanding new recruits to the army. If he's married, his wife may help him out here too, depending on who she is. In terms of gameplay, he is one of several characters in the Fire Emblem series that falls into the Jagen or Oifey archtypes. More specifically, he's an Oifey, a subgroup of Jagens that have better growths than usual. Most notable for Frederick is his HP growth, a whopping 110%, which means he can gain 2 HP on one level up. Unlike most Jagens and Oifeys though, he is not a Paladin, but instead is of the Great Knight class, a more phy
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Ike: Festive Vanguard by Great-Aether Ike: Festive Vanguard :icongreat-aether:Great-Aether 12 40 A Freddy Bear for Halloween! by Great-Aether A Freddy Bear for Halloween! :icongreat-aether:Great-Aether 1 6 Fire Emblem Heroes: World of Darkness! by Great-Aether Fire Emblem Heroes: World of Darkness! :icongreat-aether:Great-Aether 9 22


Ike Elincia by Roiner-Rinku Ike Elincia :iconroiner-rinku:Roiner-Rinku 39 2 Frederick: Polite Knight by VGAfanatic Frederick: Polite Knight :iconvgafanatic:VGAfanatic 38 3 Early Birthday Present: FREDDY BEAR by RubyDragonCat Early Birthday Present: FREDDY BEAR :iconrubydragoncat:RubyDragonCat 2 7 The Radiant Hero by dCTb The Radiant Hero :icondctb:dCTb 2,512 53 Plate Armor (Part 2) by RisingSunfish Plate Armor (Part 2) :iconrisingsunfish:RisingSunfish 51 13 Robin and Frederick by Alteara-del-Mar Robin and Frederick :iconalteara-del-mar:Alteara-del-Mar 9 25 Radiant Hero Ike by Jheralde Radiant Hero Ike :iconjheralde:Jheralde 291 26 Fire Emblem- Ike by Hakuramen Fire Emblem- Ike :iconhakuramen:Hakuramen 190 473 Frederick by unusual-cat Frederick :iconunusual-cat:unusual-cat 12 8 [REQ FE:A Couple Stamp] Frederick/Robin by BlueStorm-Studio [REQ FE:A Couple Stamp] Frederick/Robin :iconbluestorm-studio:BlueStorm-Studio 6 5 SSB4 Cards Ike by GameAndWill SSB4 Cards Ike :icongameandwill:GameAndWill 11 1 Emblem bros by GuilhermeRM Emblem bros :iconguilhermerm:GuilhermeRM 1,663 98 Squints into the distance by sequshi Squints into the distance :iconsequshi:sequshi 44 3 Ike Wallpaper - Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS by AlexTHF Ike Wallpaper - Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS :iconalexthf:AlexTHF 71 2


Devoted Dance
I knew as soon as that Greil's Devoted summoning banner was revealed in FE Heroes, I had to draw Ike in his awesome new outfit! And with Elincia in a sweet dance because OTP. ^^ Valentine's Day is the last holiday I would've given Ike a seasonal alt for, but I'm so glad he got one! I'd wanted a seasonal Ike in the game FOREVER. Elincia is actually not on the banner, I designed a dress for her to go with Ike's outfit. :) I hope it looks good! I'm particularly fond of the roses in her hair myself. Yellow for family, which is the banner's theme! This piece's name comes from the banner's name too. I also used slightly different shading techniques than I normally do for this. I felt it would work better with a bit more shine to the style. :)

And imagine Greil and the others watching And in a reality where they are a couple.

Elincia: Ike, relax! You're doing fine. ^^

Ike: Uh, thanks... I'm just trying not to step on your feet. Or mine. And you're the princess. And my dad of all people is watching!

Elincia: Oh don't worry about that. I'm sure Master Greil is enjoying this! And for today, I'm not a princess. You can just think of me as another guest at the festival. Okay?

Ike: Well, alright...

*off to the side*

Greil: Hmm. I must say, they would make a fine couple. Wouldn't the rest of you agree?

Soren: I suppose. I would naturally have to give Ike my support too.

Titania: It's funny you should say that, Commander Greil. They actually are in love! :)

Greil: Oh? Really now? :o

Mist: They sure are! And it's ironic too, because Ike never liked nobles and royals before. And now his girlfriend is a princess! *giggles*

Titania: He didn't even know Elincia had stolen his heart for awhile until she helped him figure it out. She fell head over heels for him long before. :)

Greil: Ah, I see. And I'm not surprised, Ike never really did learn much about these things. But my son and the princess, eh? I must say they are lucky! Though rather hard pressed to make it work given their statuses.

Titania: True. But I feel they're determined!

Greil: I bet. Ike, my boy, you have this! And you and Princess Elincia may have my blessing too. ;)

Ike: Father... *blushes again*

Elincia: Aw, that's so sweet. ^^
Judo, General of Hyrule
"Nothing like a good laugh to help deal with your problems, am I right?"

Been quite a long time since I last visited this guy! I had an old different art of Judo a looong time ago, but I eventually deleted it since I didn't like how it looked anymore. And he needed a redesign. In fact, I pretty much completely revamped it. The only things that haven't changed are his hair and eye colors, his hair style (sorta, it is slightly different), and his cape being white. Even his sword was given a new design. His armor was originally blue, but not silvery blue. I took most of the inspiration for this new design from the Zelda: BotW soldier's armor and royal guard uniform. I thought they were good bases since I think they look cool. The royal guard uniform is my favorite outfit in BotW, in fact. I also took a bit of inspiration from Fire Emblem games.

As the title indicates, and it's also a bit of a spoiler in the fic this guy is originally introduced in (not literally, he's only been mentioned so far. Based in the OoT and MM era, btw), admittedly, Judo is a general and commands Hyrule's knights. Or, he tries to, anyway. He's still new to the position since he was given it unexpectedly and he's still young, only going on 19. Judo's favorite things to do are go exploring outside and tell jokes. His troops would tell you he's the funniest general you'll ever meet. Not all of them like him, however, due to his inexperience and how his love of joking around makes him seem like he doesn't take things seriously sometimes. He's more laid back than serious, generally, even during fights.

Don't let this attitude fool you, however. Judo is so strong in combat that he's actually yet to lose a fight to anyone. He trained extensively in swordplay as well as a little bit of martial arts (yes, his name does come from that, if only because he's...well, a real fighter!), and has muscle and bulk anyone could be impressed with. Judo chose to become as strong as he possibly can, strong enough to best just about anyone, if he could, and this is why he worked the way he did to reach his current level.

...Well, a cat probably could beat him. lol He's terrified of them. Claims one attacked him during a mission and has not wanted to go near one since. =P

Anyway, why did Judo have such a goal? He was inspired by his childhood friend, Kelli (a different Kelli than my FE Awakening Robin, of course. They just happened to be given the same name), who is a warrior herself, and she had to leave Hyrule for some time. He knew destiny called her to take up a quest to become that warrior and that she would make him proud. Judo wanted to do the same for her, and come back to her strong as ever. Judo is Kelli's love interest as well, and when they do reunite after seven years, they realize that they truly love one another even more than friends. They later marry and have a daughter named Mayula, May for short.

Kelli influenced Judo's life more heavily than it may seem at first. All those jokes he tells and all aren't just something he enjoys, they're also his way of coping with inner demons that have plagued him for years. A few times, Judo has been clinically depressed, and once or twice he wished he could die. His father disappeared without a trace when he was only five years old and is presumed dead. With no real closure on that matter, and having loved his dad dearly, it took a toll on Judo. The previous general died in Judo's arms from a nasty attack, and it left him traumatized. General Aldin had been his mentor and the one person besides Kelli and his father that he looked up to. And being without Kelli herself for a long time was hard. Judo is easily triggered by reminders of his trauma and has also been known to be prone to anxiety and depression symptoms in general. He smiles and laughs a lot, but...quite a lot of the time, that smile is rather fake. Only the idea of one day seeing Kelli again and working hard for her, and not wanting to abandon his mother, really keeps him going.

On top of being promoted to general, Judo was also given Orion, the sacred treasure of Hyrule's knights. It's a powerful ornate longsword that only precious few have been allowed to wield, so a lot of the time, it remains on display in Hyrule Castle. Only a general that the royals deem fit for it can use this weapon. It has no special abilities like the Master Sword, but it's the next strongest weapon against evil. Oh yeah, Judo also rides a dark silvery blue stallion named Stormfrost. Been his partner since he first joined the knights.

A couple last tidbits: I loosely based Judo on Ike from FE. And he's descended from Pipit and Karane from Zelda: Skyward Sword. Rather fitting that he chose to become a knight in that regard.

Oh yes, you may notice the quality of this art is better than my other recent works! I tried out Paint Shop Pro since I don't really like GIMP and I won't be using Photoshop anymore. I have to say, PSP really is a great alternative, and has a good price too. I still only have the trial version, but yeah.
Part 4: Finding Their Way

Kels brought a hand to her chin as she looked upon the still-moving blips that represented her missing warriors. There had to be something they were missing. If Breidablik was able to show her and her allies where missing heroes she'd summoned were located if they vanished from Askr's continent of Zenith, there had to be a way they could use this power to bring them home.

"Well, I think all we can do is keep digging," she then said. "Maybe return to the library and keep searching the books or seek a source outside the castle. There has to be a way we can use the power we just discovered to save the other Ike and Frederick. Otherwise, there'd be no point to it!"

"I agree," Anna replied. "This can only be half of the answer we need. Whatever someone from Muspell did, it was surely a magic we've never seen. Perhaps we can find a counter spell somewhere."

"We've searched through hundreds of books already though," Alfonse pointed out. "I don't think our library has the remaining information."

"Then... We really do have to look elsewhere, don't we?" Sharena deduced.

"If that's the case, let's do it then," Kels agreed.

"I would say all of you are right," Anna seconded. "However, someone will have to stay here and keep watch on our missing comrades, in case something happens while we're gone. The map should stay open as long as Kels doesn't re-activate Breidablik to close it."

"Good idea," Kels replied. "Ephraim, you're the only one here that knows Magvel since it's your home. Can you remain here and keep an eye on those two?"

"Of course," Ephraim agreed. "I was going to ask to do so anyway since as you said, I know my homeland."

"Thanks! If anything happens, you can have a report sent to Anna. She'll get it soon enough."


"Well, where do we go first?" Sharena wondered.

"We'll ask around Askr," Anna decided. "There are churches, temples, and other places in some towns here that may have people with knowledge on magic not seen here. It could take quite some time to ask all of them, but... It's our best hope."

"In that case, we'll bring a few teams of heroes with us in case we run into trouble," Kels decided. "Frederick, Ike, that means we'll still need your help!"

"It shall be done," Frederick agreed.

"I'm ready to get to work," Ike added.

"Great. Let's go save...yourselves! Heh heh."

Ike merely rolled his eyes while Frederick let out a light chuckle. The group then departed the area, leaving Ephraim to his assigned duty.

In the Darkling Woods, the missing Frederick's voice had repeatedly begun crying out in terror as he clung to the Ike that was with him as tightly as he could. Ike still had control over the centaur beast, but it was moving very fast and there wasn't much else Frederick could hang onto.

"Oh, will you PLEASE knock it off?!" Ike demanded. "You're getting on my nerves!"

"If you would allow us off of this monstrosity, maybe I will!" Frederick retorted, tears flying from his eyes.

"Well, the woods are thinning, we're almost there," Ike replied. "So stop whining!"

Frederick merely grumbled, tightly gripping Ike's waistline and cape.

As the woods thinned, however, the area also grew lighter since with fewer trees, more sunlight reached the ground. Almost suddenly, the centaur jerked to a halt and reared back on its hind legs as it turned around.

"Yaaaah! Whoa!" Ike cried, almost getting thrown off as he nearly lost his grip on the creature's mane. Frederick bellowed in terror, his legs flopping about upon the creature's rear end.

When the creature turned to face the woods, however, it reared once more and this time successfully sent its riders sprawling. Their cries rang out loudly as the centaur then ran off back into the woods. Frederick's was arguably louder.

"Agh!" Ike yelped as he landed with a thud, dropping Ragnell next to him.

"AUGH!" Frederick bellowed. It felt like he'd landed on something that was...stinging him.

Ike groaned as he slowly got to his feet and picked Ragnell back up. He then turned to Frederick to see if he was alright.

"Sir Ike... You are...a MADMAN. What in all the worlds WERE YOU THINKING?!" Frederick demanded between breaths as he slowly rose as well.

"I was thinking of getting us out of there quickly! And I did!" Ike replied in annoyance, pointing ahead of them. "The way is almost completely clear here. The monsters must not like light, which is probably why they're living in those woods. It's darker in there."

"Well I--" Frederick began, until he felt a sharp pain in his torso. He grimaced hard as he stood up, pressing his hand to his stomach right below his chest. When he took away his hand, it was covered with...blood. The knight gaped in shock and annoyance.

"AAAGH," he loudly groaned. It turned out that he had fallen on a jagger branch and it managed to pierce him. It was lucky the branch was lying mostly sideways, or else he might've been completely impaled on it.

"And NOW look what you've done!" Frederick opined.

Ike's eyes widened when he saw the gash and the blood now staining Frederick's blue hoodie.

"Damn it all!" he replied in irritation and rushed over to help the knight.

"THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" Frederick spat at him.

"Yeah, I know! And I'm sorry! But at least we're alive and out of those woods! I'd rather us be injured than dead!" Ike retorted.

"And how do you know I won't bleed out before we locate a healer?! YOU'RE A FOOL!"

"We will, just stay with me and keep pressing that wound!" Ike insisted, placing his own hand upon the injury as well. "I don't think an artery got clipped, you're not losing blood that fast. And there has to be a town or village nearby."

"But I am still losing blood! You'll be fortunate if we do find a healer before I lose consciousness or this wound becomes badly infected!"

"ALRIGHT ALREADY! STOP SHOUTING! Geez! By the way, I don't think Chrom would like how much you're losing your composure here. This is yet again not like you."

"Well I apologize that this entire situation has flipped me upside down! Between the trauma resurfacing, that reckless stunt you pulled, and this injury, can you really blame me for coming this close to losing my sanity?! And trauma alone can certainly cause a person to exhibit out of character behavior."

"Okay, whatever. Come on. We'll move as fast as we can."

"Very well."

Frederick grimaced again as he and Ike began moving away from the woods and across a grassy field with a faint dirt path a few steps away. They chose to try following the path in hopes it would lead to a town or village.

"Owww! Careful! You're hurting me!" Frederick protested a moment later.

"Sorry! I'm not experienced at this!" Ike replied. "Oh yeah, as soon as we reach the town or village, we should definitely spend the night there so you can recover. You can't go far like this."

"Yes, you're right. Good idea. And... I do owe you a thank you for aiding me, in spite of everything else."

"Of course. I couldn't just leave you there bleeding. You're...a comrade. And regardless, Kels would slaughter me if I did."

"...Heh, that is for certain."

Despite Frederick's injury, the two warriors did their best to appreciate that they were finally out of the Darkling Woods and taking in fresher air and sunlight. The sun was setting, but could still be seen at the horizon behind them. It was probably a good thing that they were going to rest in whatever town they found first, as they might not have made it to another one before dark anyway. Silence ensued for a few moments as Ike did his best not to irritate Frederick's injury again. He was vainly wishing Mist or one of the other healers Kels had brought to Askr were with them. Though at the same time, he would've never wanted any of them to face the Darkling Woods monsters either.

Frederick broke the silence after a fairly short time.

"Well... At the very least, my wife isn't here to see this," He said. "She would be going closer to insane than I've been."

"You're married?" Ike replied. "I never saw a wedding ring on your finger."

"I removed it so it wouldn't be lost while on the beach. My wife did the same with hers. She always worries a lot when I get injured like this. But yes, we were married not such a long time before that beach trip."

"I see. She really loves you, I suppose."

"You do not know the half of it. I don't know what I did to deserve all her affection and love. But she gives me so much of it. To some, it may seem like too much. But I lost my heart to her. She gave new meaning to my life, you know. No one else wanted to spend time with me like she did. Assisting in my duties, pairing up in battle... No one seemed to appreciate me the way she did either. Not even Chrom and Lissa. "

I see... That sounds a bit like Kels when she's around you, now that I think about it. She admires me a lot as well, but with you, for some reason, it feels...a bit different."

"You're right. And she is quite fond of me. I feel...a strange connection to her as well. Like I'm compelled to be fond of her in the same way. She does have some differences, and yet also various similarities to my wife. They share the same name too, albeit with different spellings. I wonder..if they're sort of the same person in different incarnations."

"I suppose that's a possibility," Ike commented. "I'm not with anyone. Although..."


"I do think that...I'm in love with someone."

"Oh?" Frederick said, and then flashed a grin. "It wouldn't happen to be...Lady Elincia, would it?"

"...Uh!" Ike suddenly uttered, his cheeks turning a rosy color.

"I've seen how you look at her at times."

And I also happen to know that you marry her in at least one reality, and raise two children as well. But I shouldn't reveal that, I think, Frederick opined to himself. It may needlessly complicate things.

"Well...yes, I guess you got me there," Ike admitted. "At first I wasn't sure what these weird feelings I'd have around her were. Then Titania told me. I figured she would be the most likely to know since...I always suspected she had a thing for my father. Despite that my father was already married. She respected that though. I suppose, even though I could see if someone else was in love, I had no idea what it felt like to love anyone myself."

"That's understandable. You never really were educated on things like this, were you?"

"With little memory of my deceased mother, a father that was mostly distant and secretive, and mentors that trained me in combat more than anything, yeah," Ike said. "I didn't even have a lot of education period. I only learned sword combat, outdoor survival skills, leadership, and war knowledge."

"I see. Well...if you ever desire, I could help you expand your knowledge. But of course, I will not force you if you don't want to."

"Oh, I wouldn't mind that, actually. I might find some of the things you could teach me useful."

"Ah, that's good to know."

"Say... We must've spent so much time arguing during battles that we never actually took the time to really get to know each other," Ike realized. "Maybe Loki actually did a good thing here."

"Heh, perhaps."

Ike then turned his gaze towards Frederick's torso, and then his arms. He'd actually noted before that the knight had very visibly sculpted abs and pecs, and he'd also seen that Frederick had the biceps to match as well.

"By the way, you have quite a built body," he commented. "You must train and work out a lot."

"Vigorously, yes. I have to be in the best possible condition if I'm to protect my liege efficiently."

"That makes sense. I train hard myself. I don't find many that come close to my strength, though. But you might actually rival me there. Have you ever done an arm wrestle?"

"I believe I've heard of that. But no."

"We should try one later and see who's stronger. I feel like you could give me a run for my money!"

"Heh, alright then. But I need to get this wound treated first."

"Of course."

Silence came again as the two then shifted focus back on looking for a town or village. They had to find one soon, Ike had no idea how to treat a wound himself beyond just using a powdered medicine called a vulnerary, and even if he did, he had no supplies on hand anyway. Not even a vulnerary, as he'd already used what he'd had long before. It wasn't long, however, before the pair finally reached what looked like a road. This was fortunate. A road had to lead to some form of civilization. Ike and Frederick made no hesitation to follow it immediately. And when the two thought their luck couldn't get any better, Ike soon spotted what appeared to be a wagon ahead of them and coming from another stretch of road that met with the one they were on.

"Frederick! Look! We might get rescued now!"

Frederick looked up from nursing his torso to see the wagon as well.

"Praise the goddess! We need to hail him!" he said.

With that, the two waved and called for the driver, who was an older man who appeared to be in his late fifties, maybe early sixties. He was wearing a light red robe. When the man noticed the pair, his eyebrows shot up at the blood still seeping from Frederick's torso.

"Please, can you help my friend?" Ike spoke up without a second thought. "He had an unfortunate accident and I don't have any medicine with me. We're also...rather lost."

"Oh my! You're badly injured, sir!" the man replied, looking at Frederick. "Of course I can help! Get in my wagon, quickly!"

"Thank you! You are most kind," Frederick replied. "This injury is extremely painful!"

"I can imagine," the man commented.

"Is there a town close by?" Ike inquired. "We could use a place to rest too. We're not very familiar with this area at all."

"I see. Yes, there is one up ahead, so you're in luck. I was heading there myself anyway. And you definitely look like you're not from around here. your friend here dressed for the beach? What were you doing this close to the Darkling Woods?" the man wondered, raising an eyebrow.

"Erm... It's a complicated story," Frederick admitted. "We aren't from Magvel, no. But we can explain more on the way. We're looking for a way to return to where we came from. As he said, we're...lost."

"Yeah. But thank goodness, we thought we might be stuck in the wilderness all night," Ike said.

"Well, good thing I found you. An injury like that can easily become infected and cause all sorts of problems," the man replied.

"See, I told you!" Frederick echoed.

"Yes, I know that!" Ike retorted. "My sister is a healer, remember. And I once helped save a man who was suffering from brain fever. I'm quite familiar with some of these things."

"Brain fever? Oh my," the man commented. "That's something few people have managed to cure around here. We're still working on making said cure more widely available."

"I'm not surprised. My group and I thought there wasn't a cure at all at first...until we found someone who had one. But anyway, can you tell us more about where we are? We just know this continent is called Magvel."

"Ah, of course. The country you've entered is Rausten, for starters."

"Ah, yes. I do believe I remember learning that the Darkling Woods were close to there," Frederick recalled, and then grimaced. "Agh... This injury!"

"Dear me, I'll try to get to town as quickly as I can. I'm just a merchant, but I do know people who can treat you. Just hold on for a little longer!"

"Thank you..."

At this point, Ike and Frederick could only hope that even after the latter recovered from his wound, they could find someone that had any idea of how they could return to Askr. Even if it was just a small town in Rausten. And if the answer wasn't there, then maybe someone knew where they could look elsewhere. Anything to shorten their stay in this unfamiliar territory, and to ease the worries of Kels and the others.

A Team's Journey: Part 4
Part 4 is here at last! Getting close to the end! By the way, brain fever is another name for meningitis/encephalitis.
Heroes Morgan (Frederick-fathered)
I haven't been drawing lately because I'm waiting until I can pick out a new laptop. My current one just does not work well enough for me anymore. But I can still upload some other things here, like this Heroes style Frederick-fathered Morgan!

I downloaded and used in-game assets to make this, and just recolored Morgan's hair and the horse. He looks so much better with this hair imo. I never did like the black. And if Frederick is his father, Morgan starts as a cavalier. When he promotes to Great Knight, his armor pretty much looks exactly the same as his father's, so I chose to just stick Morgan's head on Frederick's body and horse. Btw, I made the horse black because I headcanon Morgan getting a black horse. Was more or less a random decision while deciding what color steeds my Awakening family gets. I reclassed my Robin to Dark Flier, so she got a Pegasus. And I created a daughter for Freddy that rides a horse as well (she's a troubador), so yeah.
So yeah, we've gotten through the hardest parts after what I talked about in my previous journal.  The healing process is going well and we're all finally doing pretty okay. :) I'll be getting counseling and going back to work, so hopefully soon, I can get myself to make and post stuff again.  I don't have my tablet right now though, or my paper and pencil.  But I can still write and probably make more DoD comics and sprites too.  And in the near future, I might get my drawing stuff back.  So just hang tight, everyone. :)


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Well, for starters, I'm a fan of Nintendo and the biggest Fire Emblem fangirl you'll meet. It's my favorite game series and probably always will be. <3

Ike is one of my favorite Nintendo characters and I like his moves in Smash Bros., hence my username. I do a lot of Fire Emblem fanart, particularly for my fic, FE: Dawn of Darkness. Be sure to check it out if you're interested! I can tell you more through private messaging, if you like. I started gaming with the Mario series, however, and due to that, I grew up with his bro, Luigi. The man in green was my favorite character growing up. Then I got into Zelda and Pokemon, and later Smash Bros. (cause I didn't know it existed until Melee), and Fire Emblem came last. My favorite Zelda character (other than Link) is Ezlo from The Minish Cap. My favorite Pokemon is Keldeo (the cute little guy has been since I first saw it!). I'm generally a very nice person, always thinking of my friends before myself, but I can be stubborn at times. Not VERY stubborn, but somewhat stubborn. I'm also talkative, full of energy, and tomboyish.

Hehe, you might say I'm like the Princess Daisy of the real world, except I'm not a brunette (nope, blonde). I also like sports, and I'm a bit of an NFL person. GO STEELERS! I happen to be from Pittsburgh, but I also like the Carolina Panthers. Still, I always watch games with my stepdad, who is a hardcore Steeler fan too. :D



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