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Google Chrome Icon Blue

Red Version:…

EDIT: Two things.

1. I used a different Google Chrome image this time, and is now much more crisp.

2. 512 size now available.

Download Google chrome browser here:
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Can you make KMplayer icon like that please
Sorry for bad english
im new around here
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Thanks , it's looking very good!
how to install on mac OSX mavericks?  Any help, please.
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Get the free version of Img2icns and open the program. Drag a Black Chrome png file (or any other picture you'd like to use) into the program window, choose "icns" as export option and choose a path where to put the .icns file. Next, right-click on Chrome in your applications folder and open "Get Info". You'll see a new window with a small Chrome icon in the upper left corner. Now locate your newly created .icns file and drag it into the "Get Info" window from Chrome. Drop it in the upper left corner, right above the original Chrome icon. A small plus sign should appear. Now when you drop the .icns file it'll replace the original icon. The change will appear the next time you open Chrome (application must be quit for the change to take effect). Every time Chrome gets updated you'll have to replace the original icon in the "Get Info" window by dragging the .icns file into the "Get Info" window, so you might want to keep the .icns file somewhere on your hard drive. 
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where the fuck is the download link ?
dont worry gor it :P

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To install it (for windows), download the file (Button on the right). Then search for Google chrome and right click, press the properties button down the bottom. In the "shortcut" tab there should be a button that says change icon. Click that then click browse. Search and double click on where ever you saved this file. Atleast thats how I do it
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Thanks. I couldn't stand looking at the chrome icon. Your's is excellent.
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idiots look to the right and press download
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How is this installed...?
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1. Click Download file.
2. Get the icon file, and put it on your desktop.
3. Right-click Google Chrome, and click Properties.
4. Click Change Icon.
5. Click Browse.
6. Click Desktop.
7. Click the icon.
8. New icon!

I use Windows 7, so that's how I did it.
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Can you do a set for this???
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not to sound like a noob but how do you make this the icon? o~o
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Hey dude, someone went ahead and took this (giving you credit) and turned it black 'n yellow. Since you were responsible for the original image, I figured I'd slide in and give you some praise before installing it on my dock. Excellent work, dude.
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Awesome. It's interesting to see. Also thanks man, enjoy
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Nice ! Fits perfectly with my other grey-black-blue icons (Firefox, Winamp...

Thank you; what are the different version of it for?
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Do you mind making a flat version of this and the Red version? (new chrome logo)
Well uhm.... everytime i restart my computer it doesnt make it the same its just a default folder icon -_-
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Huh, you're trying to use this as the google chrome folder icon? Well, the problem might be if you delete the icon from your desktop, then restarting your computer will make the icon go back to default. You gotta make sure the icon is somewhere permanently as long as you want that icon changed.
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