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They Need A Momster~

I was watching Monsters Inc last weekend and this is idea just hit me in the face! XD

James P. Sullivan & Boo © Disney Pixar
Toriel & Frisk © Toby Fox
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Dang it, now I ship Sully/Tori...LOOK WHAT YOU DID!

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That is a very interesting comparison. Well spotted.  Thumbs Up
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Aww, this is so cute! Who knew Monsters could make such wonderful, loving parents? (Oh wait, Chara did! :P)
This comparison actually hits especially close to Home, since I named my version of the Bravery SOUL after Sulley, here. On the surface they may appear tough and threatening, but underneath it all they're just the biggest softies you've ever met.
This is an excellent idea drawn by an excellent artist. Thank you for giving the world this.
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this art has to be my favourite

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i love sulley and boo

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NoooOOOO My GOD it's so cute!!!!!
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Awesome crossover drawing!

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or Guardian Angels PLZ Wicket No 01 :guardianangel: Guardian Angel to protect them from the evil demonic devils :devil Devil fella (Universe) Flirty Devil Devil :devil: Angel vs. Devil Big Devil Wing Left Devil Cookie Halloween emote: Rian Devil 
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This is just precious!
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OK this is wholesome as hell and I love it.
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It's so kawaii ^w^
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I love this! 
Monsters Inc is my favourite childhood movie! :love:
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Oh i love movie Monsters Inc
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Now that's adorable.
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