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Supporting IDF

For Israel defense forces soldiers who protecting us in those days.
Praying for them to come back home soon.
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My sister is trying to join them
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i hope it worked out for her!
IDF soldiers water color painting 2006 by csuhsux
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No it didn't she's too much of a pussy and couldn't handle being away from USA (I'm Israeli-American) and which she previously hated USA and Trump and what not and then she missed being in USA. Another case of not appreciating something until it's gone. Long story short she came back a month or two ago.
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never heard a guy call his sister a "pussy" before that's kinda funny. well, at least this way she'll never have to wonder what if. she more or less gave it a shot and it didn't work out. i had a friend from Philadelphia who successfully made aliyah but it wasn't easy for him for a long time.
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She nearly got herself killed by getting lost at Jerusalem during midnight and accepting taxi rides. She isn't very bright is the point I'm trying to make.
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i gotcha. although not quite the same situation i still get lost in the Old City even during the day time.
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The IDF do not have my support. Anonymous soldiers in the IDF interviewed by Breaking The Silence say that "The instructions are to shoot right away. Whoever you spot, be they armed or unarmed, no matter what. The instructions are very clear. Any person you run into, that you see with your eyes - shoot to kill. It's an explicit instruction." An anonymous tank sergeant from the Israeli army says "We were firing purposelessly all day long. Hamas was nowhere to be found." End the Occupation.
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i was just in Israel last week and Jerusalem was more amazing then ever between it's new lite rail system and all the parades going on for the Light Festival and Jerusalem Day. and for anyone who tells you Jerusalem is in the non -existing country of "palestine" just look at this 20 second video i shot there of the realities on the ground  . . .…
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I Stand with Israel!!!!!
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great :thumbsup:
Israel forever and ever :iconjewish:
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how Israel is winning in California, even in the areas infested with radical leftists…
IsraeliGirl's avatar
sorry, but I don't open links if I don't know 100% where are they leading for.
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i'm not a spammer if that's what you're worried about. i live in the san francisco bay area and i like to document the failures of leftist anti-Semites as well as Israel's success in the area.
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ah oh ok. well, I didn't say you're a spammer - sorry for that. I just very careful with links after I search something in Google and click a link of cute picture... -it was just a miracle that my computer back alive after this virus. :S [I even ask this question my friends who send me some links.]
and now yep I open the link. wow. I feel really happy to see pro-Israel page. thanks so much for support! it's so important. really many people in the world say bad things about my country, and they don't know the truth. the page you send me now is really like a light in the dark (yes that's what I feel)

btw sorry for late comment. sadly I'm not so active in this account ^^;
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Well somebody around here had to tell the truth. I hope you will get chance to look at some of the more recent postings it will shed more light on things here in California when it comes to Israel.
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Israeli superheroes . . .…

that's a great design by the way!
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King David brought to Israel and the Jews at the peak of their power under God's name and ushered an unforgettable golden age. Now, it's time for the modern-day Jews to restore David's legacy of the Promised Land!
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Israel has every right to defend itself. Screw anyone wjo thinks otherwise
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Awesome. Just awesome. 
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Thanks for posting this. IDF is one of the best armies in the world
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I love you guys
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