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[CM] What a Delightful Sight!

By Grazelz
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    "Otto von Ballentine, a young prince who was never taken seriously because of his small stature and girlish looks, set out a journey to travel the lands under the name "Oddball," to become a master swordsman and prove himself as a man. Unfortunately, he quickly found himself out of money and stranded in a neighboring country. It was then that he heard that a mansion owned by a wealthy, nine-tailed foxgirl Entrepreneur, known to the town as Lady Lakka, was looking for staff, and that the position provided good pay, as well as room and board.

    The interview seemingly went quite well, despite Odd having a slight case of nerves as the somewhat imposing fox Lady questioned him... until she mentioned finding him a maid uniform in his size. The position was in fact for a servant, but more specifically, for a maid, though, she said that with his looks, it'd be no issue. Indignant, the young prince stood up from his chair, and, while protesting, backed right into a shelf, causing a large and rather expensive looking vase to fall to the floor, shattering into many pieces... As two servants moved to block the door to the room, a multi-page contract was placed on the desk in front of him... he could either sign it or be turned over to the town guards. As soon as he signed his name to the document, he found himself dragged off by the other servants to change...

    From then on, he'd serve her wearing a rather special uniform, one that was locked unto the wearer and could only be removed with the key, meant as an ironic punishment for his initial protests against dressing as maid. The outfit was complete with wrist and ankle cuffs to prevent escape, and a rubber gag. It would become his daily uniform until his debt was payed off, only being let out when his work for the day was done, where he'd be locked in his small living quarters until his shift the next morning. He'd have to get used to it until his debt was paid off... unfortunately, the restrictive outfit caused him to constantly make mistakes, every broken plate or cup being added to his debt, it nearly doubling within the first week... It seemed that at this rate, he'd never escape the fox woman's clutches, and would be her toy forever. "

Commissoned & This Character originated by 
Trap Maid which his name is "oddball"

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Whoa! :squee:

I wish I were the prince instead!! :love:

Although... I hadn't broked the vase. I'd just asked the special uniform. :D

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woah i love this !! u make it seem so perfect i love the way you draw. just if you want to check my art out and comment or whatever ? :3 no ned if u dont want to just i love ur stuff hihi