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Alvin Cortez by Grayton14
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Alvin Cortez :icongrayton14:Grayton14 0 0
Mature content
Darkness Falls Ch.13: When you want to die, again :icongrayton14:Grayton14 0 0
Mature content
When Darkness Falls Ch.12: A new friend? :icongrayton14:Grayton14 0 0
Marcus Collins by Grayton14 Marcus Collins :icongrayton14:Grayton14 0 0
Mature content
When Darkness Ch.11: Hardest fight... NOT!!!! :icongrayton14:Grayton14 0 0
My dark side by Grayton14 My dark side :icongrayton14:Grayton14 0 0
When Darkness Falls Ch.10: Fun before danger
Christina and I went to the store to get some food. I can't eat anything but Christina has to. Christina got a lot of things, she must be really starving. I paid the clerk $70 for the food. Don't ask me where I got the money from, I just found it off of some guy who tried to kill me. Christina and I got outside where she already got out goldfish and started eating them. I wore a hoodie outside sense it was day and i don't want to get sun burned. We went to the park and sat down at a bench under a tree. Christina started taking more food out and eating it, but she got so much food we had to shove as much as we could into 7 bags and they where not plastic bags, they where mad of clothe. She wanted to use her telekinesis to get everything out of the bags but the
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New Year by Grayton14 New Year :icongrayton14:Grayton14 0 0
When Darkness Falls Ch.9: Battle Flashback
I was in the shower thinking of what happened. For once a human hurt me, and I will tell you how. When the army of men came after me, I was smiling. I ran over to the first man and  grabbed his head and twisted it so hard that his head went flying into another man. Then I ran to the next ten men and punched all of them in the face with my strength causing their heads to fly off their shoulders. Then I turned to see another man with an ax ready to swing at me. I grabbed him by the hair and bit his neck and started to suck his blood. After I finished draining him of blood I threw his body at five more men then picked up the ax and threw it at a man with a machine gun. The ax went right into the mans face and his corps dropped dead. Then I saw another man with a sword trying to swing at me. I dodged it and grabbed his arm and ripped it off. I then shoved his arm in h
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When Darkness Falls Ch.8: WTF
"Where he hell is Grayson?" Christina asked me. I obviously had no idea. He has been gone for hours and we haven't seen him. It's know midnight and he is still not back. Christina was starting to get worried. Why is she worried? Grayson is a big strong vampire that no one should mess with. Suddenly I herd the front door open and in walked Grayson. He was covered in blood, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't his blood. Great, Grayson went on another killing spree again. He sat down in exhaustion and Christina ran over and hugged asked if he was okay. Of course he's okay, when is he not? 
"Daniel..." He started to speak. "Get me a towel, I'm very tired." 
"Sure bro." I told him and went to get a towel. When I got back Christina was sitting on his lap and he was telling her about his night.
"So..." I seid as Grayson and Christina turned to me. "How many people did you kill."
"A hundred and fifty...." He mummerd. That's it? Where did he go? That's a new record. Christinas eyes widened.
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When Darkness Falls Ch.7: Spree
When Christina and Daniel met, they got along quit well. I was suddenly thirsty. I told them I was going out and I left. I went to the city and looked for criminals to drain of blood. I put on my sun glasses and walked into the crowed. The humans are not suspicious at all. 2 hours of my spree and no luck. I waked into a diner. The food smells awesome, too bad I can't eat any of it. I went around looking for bad humans. I found no bad humans. I exited the restaurant and smelled for blood and went to an ally where criminal are always hiding. I saw no one and was about to leave when I saw the door at the end of the ally. I walked over to the door and smelled fresh blood. I then knocked the door down. The door made a loud impact and a bunch of tattooed men turned to face me. They were so ugly
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When Darkness Falls Ch.6: One of us
I told Christina of my story, how I was born with a body that grew to fast. I told her that when I stopped growing I was seven feet tall and that was how I became this huge guy. I never knew why I got this way but I just did. 
*Begin flashback*
When I was nineteen, a wild forest fire covered the entire forest that was nearly inescapable. I was trapped in the fire with no way out. My Suddenly I saw a woman who was dressed in nice clothes that rice people wear. She didn't seem to be bothered by the fire. I was gasping for air as the smoke block the oxygen in my lungs. Suddenly the woman came over and bit my neck, then I blacked out. When I woke up I was in a mansion, the same mansion that I live in know. You might be thinking if the mansion is that old then how can I live in it? Well, the mansion is a stronger building then you think, I take better care of it then anyone else would. When I came to I was in a bedroo
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When Darkness Falls Ch.5: The Haunting Hour
So.... tonight was gonna be more then just staying in the mansion. I was gonna go out into the woods and have a good time haunting people. I know that sounds like I'm being a jerk, but the people I kill are bad people. Grayson and I swore we would never hurt anyone innocent unless we have no choice. We ghost can blend into the human race just like vampires can because ghost look just like humans as well, we just try to avoid being touched because when humans try to touch us, they go right threw us. People that I show myself too always freak out because of my face. My face was half human and the other half, was inhuman. Half of my face was burned off when I died, so its my death mark. Ghost are always stuck with their death mark. So when I try to look human to humans, they stare at me with a discussed look on their faces. I floated in the air and looked for some people. I saw some humans walking down the trail. It must have been a couple. I floa
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When Darkness Falls Ch.3: Strange intruder
I ran down the hallway and went door to door, nothing. I went to my living room, nothing. I ran to the kitchen and opened every cabinet, nothing. I checked the basement and threw everything around trying to find the imposter, nothing. It's a good thing I didn't like anything in that basement. I ran back to the front door and slamed it shut not caring if it broke. I yelled in anger thinking the fool who broke in might be long gone. Then... I heard.... a sound, which I caught thanks to my super hearing. My muscles tightened and my
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When Darkness Falls Ch.4: Christinas life
I was born with telekinetic and sidekick abilities. My parents and siblings were so afraid of me that they subdued me and left me in an asylum without saying goodbye. I escaped after being stuck there for 5 years. I can to Roanoke to hide and find a place to live. No one wanted me. Every door I went to, people would snap at me to go away and slam the door in my face. I prayed to God that someone would accept me. Then I came across an old abandoned mansion, at least I thought it was abandoned. I entered the mansion without closing the door behind me. This place was huge. I saw a lot of old but very nice furniture. I went exploring the ho
:icongrayton14:Grayton14 0 0
When Darkness falls Ch.2: A friendly night
As the sun finally began to set, I had already decided I would not go on another spree tonight. So I thought I would just take a walk in the woods. Just to let you know, I'm not the only supernatural being in these woods. There are other beings that live here that shouldn't exist. Once the sun had finally set, I walked outside and closed the door behind me and went to the city. I went to the closest apartment and looked through a window to see humans watching a movie about robots taking over the world. God I hate robots. Robots are nothing but machines that have but one objective, destroy humanity. Some humans think that robots understand them, but they don't. Human think vampires don't understand them, but we do. Robots are just machines, technology, metal monstrosities... we vampires are physically more human than robots. The reason for that is because
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Alvin Cortez
Name: Alvin Cortez
Gender: Male
Race: Superhuman
Height: 7'6
Weight: 500 pounds
Build: Normal and braud
Age: 30
Theme: Monster Inside (NateWantsToBattle)
Weapon: Pickax

Powers: Enhanced strength, enhanced durability, immortal, can absorb and drain energy to get stronger

Alvin is a long lost friend of mine in my story. He carries a pickax with him.
Marcus Collins
Name: Marcus Collins
Gender: Male
Race: Mutated human
Height: 10 feet
Weight: 2000 pounds
Build: Muscular and braud
Age: 27
Theme: "Monster" by Skillet

Powers: Super strength, super durability, enhanced speed, enhanced healing, super senses, doesn't age

In the story, Marcus is a new character and a new friend of mine. He is alot stronger and more durable than me. He is no where near as fast as me though. He has some serious anger issues but is working on them. Tell me what you think of him.

(I made this model of him from the game Super City.)

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Daniel: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?.... HE'S GINORMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Daniel, this is Marcus, Marcus this is Daniel"

Marcus holds out his hand to shake Daniels, but he can't.

Daniel: I'm a ghost, we can't shake hands

Marcus just pulls his hand back without saying a word.

"So where is Christina?"

Daniel: In her room


Suddenly a figure comes running at me. Is that the wendigo I knocked out. It jumped on me.


Marcus grabbed it by the throat and lifted it off of me. I sat up and brushed my clothes off.

"Well, that was.... embarrassing"

The wendigo was gasping for air.

"Marcus, tear out his throat"

Wendigo: N-no

"Just kidding, let him go"

Marcus put him down and it stared up at him.

Wendigo: He just choked me....

"Ya, I know"

Wendigo: Who is this?

"His name is Marcus"

Wendigo: He is huge

"Ya, and if you attack me, Christina, or anyone else I care about then I will have him tear out you throat for real"

It gulps and slowly crawls away. Daniel and I were playing video games an hour later. I beat him in Mortal Combat, Injustice and Injustice 2, WWE2k17,18 and 19, and in halo. We were currently playing Team Fortress 2 when I smoked him.

Daniel: I want to DIE

"Your already dead"

Daniel: I still want to die, FOR REAL!!!!

"Are you raging?"

Daniel: NO... maybe

"HAHAHAHAHAHA, your raging"

I fell on the floor laughing.

Daniel: IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!

Daniel gets up and floats away from the couch. I continue laughing and think.

"I'm glad were friends"

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While Christina and Daniel where hanging out trying to make the wendigo NOT so ugly and vicious, I went for a nice walk. At least it was suppose to be nice. It smelled like everything was dying and it looked like it to. What was wrong with these woods? Walking farther, I began to feel like I was being watched. I shrugged it off sense I know I could take down whoever was watching me. At least, I thought I knew... wow was I dead wrong. I was 10 miles from the mansion in 10 minutes. I can walk just as fast as a marathon runner can sprint.

"Why does this place seem so damn scary?"

There were broken trees everywhere and broken down cars. There was even an abandoned tank out in the open. What was this place ? A war zone? It smelled like old toxic and decay. I thought I knew these woods better than that. How come I have never come across this place before. Then I see a building. It looks like an abandoned prison. I have never seen that there before. Why did I not travel farther into the woods before. I think I must have traveled so far I might be in a different forest. I sat down on a boulder and decided to lay down and relax. 5 minutes later I began to hear.... footsteps? Very loud footsteps, and I mean LOUD!!! They were heading towards me. I also heard loud breathing with it. I sat up and got into my fighting stance. My confidence died when I saw what came out of the darkness. It was... a man...... a 10 foot 2000 pound muscular man. He was wearing a sack over his head that had a hole cut out of it so he could see out with one eye. He was wearing long torn up pants and these metal wrist cuffs on his wrists. He also had bandages wrapped around his waist. He was strong, I could tell when he shoved a tree out of his way like it was not a problem. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I took a few steps back. He tilted his head as he saw me. What was this guy... a mutant? He looked human, but he was much bigger than the Incredible Hulk. He slowly walks towards me. I get ready to defend myself... when he suddenly speaks to me.

???: Wh-who are you?

I only knew this guy for a few seconds and I never once thought he could speak. I couldn't find words to say. He started to poke me.


I shoved him. He tried to punch me in the face, but I dodged his swing and punched him as hard as I could in the abs. He didn't even flinch. He just stared at me like he was really pissed off. Wow was this guy durable. He grabbed me and pinned me to a tree. I tried to wrestle him off, but he was mush stronger then me. Hitting him wouldn't work sense this guy has durability that I can't compare myself to.

???: I'M GONNA CRUSH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


???: You called me a brute....

"You are a brute"

???: And your a jerk... who are you

He let me go.

"Names Grayson... and you are?"

???: Marcus

"What the hell are you?"

Marcus: A mutant

I knew it.

"Well, that wasn't hard to figure out"

Marcus: Are you a vampire?

"How did you know?"

Marcus: I didn't, I was just asking

"Wow, for a big idiot, you really are smart"

Marcus: Well thank... wait... WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME!!!!!!!


Marcus: I'M GONNA TEAR YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"You'll have to catch me first"

Man this guy was falling behind. He was nowhere near as fast as me. It took 10 minutes before he finally gave up. I run to him and stop 5 feet away from him.

"Whats wrong? Can't keep up?"

Marcus: You... jerk

He collapsed to the ground gasping for air.

"Do you live in this death field?"

Marcus: Kinda

"It's miserable here isn't it?"

Marcus: Yes...

"So why do you stay?"

Marcus: I have nowhere else to go, everyone will just freak out if they see me, and the military might just show up to take me away, not that they'll be able to

I think I'm going to regret this.

"Follow me"

Marcus: What?

"Follow me"

Marcus: Why?

"Because for some reason I feel bad for you and think its best if you come hang at my place for a bit"

Marcus: And your okay with that?

"I don't want to be, but I am"

Marcus: Are you sure?

"Just follow me before I change my mind"

This is me as a deviantart user, I chose the vampire gimic for reasons that you don't need to know. I like deviantart Role-play, but I usually stay in character even when on other peoples pages.

Name: Grayson
Gender: Male
Age:1000 years (but looks 19 years)
Race: Vampire
Weight: 320 Lbs
Height: 7 feet
Build: Muscular and broad
Theme: "When Darkness Falls" by Killswitch engage

Powers and abilities

Super strength (gets stronger at night), super speed, super durability, super intelligence, super agility, super stamina, super senses(that includes super vision, super hearing, super taste and super smell) immortality, can't feel pain, healing factor, quick reflexes, energy drain, mind control, mind reading.

Description: I only kill bad humans and spare the innocent. I might be a vampire but I can still bleed when wounded badly (the rumors that vampires don't bleed might be a lie because I bleed a lot when badly wounded and sometimes it would take a severe wound a minute to heal). Yes the sun can kill me. The rumor that vampires can turn into a bat is a lie. I really wish I could see myself in a mirror.
I did some much work on my vocab in school on my Chromebook and it doesn't save and I close out all the tabs because a teacher told me to. I lost all the work. I don't want to do it again. I'm going home and killing myself with a wooden stack. God please forgive me


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Vampires are supreme....


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