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Star Wars - Nimman

This is another one I did for SWGTCG.

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Niman was always my favourite lightsaber style in star wars good to see some art of it, great work.
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Thats a hottie of the order 😍😍😍😍
The Dark Lady 😍😍😍😍
Onurahi's avatar
Looks epic! I like her style)) So honorable, yet good-looking and somehow wise!)
Awesome work. I like the background and the sleeves.
Jensaarai1's avatar
Just out of curiosity, but is the Jedi depicted here intended to be An'ya Kuro, The Dark Woman?…
Graysun-D's avatar
This was done a while ago but I do remember using that image as reference. I did not intend it to actually be that Jedi though.
Jensaarai1's avatar
I feel strangely relieved, because otherwise my inner psycho fanboy would've compelled me to chew you out for giving her the wrong lightsaber color; An'ya Kuro carries purple.
thebingbang's avatar
Another one of my faves from that series! Good work on it! 
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Even though I am more of the Sith type of guy I find Nimman to be a rather useful form, it's not necessarily my favorite, it's just something that I see as a necessity. Juyo and D'jemso r actually my favorite forms, I just use Niman as a fall back. But anyways enough of me ranting, this is a very good piece, it demonstrates the third stance very well. Which I remember seeing this work in a Jensaarai video on youtube, and I'v always wanted to meet the guy who made this ever since. So, great job!  
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Wow!  Jedinamic!
LavenderEyedUnicorn's avatar
oooomg, she looks almost -exactly- like a dark jedi character I have thought up o.o Great piece of work ^_^
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wonderful ..very inspiring
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Congratulations! It's very good work! :)
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now that's one awesome Jedi
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loveliness and deadliness combined together :heart:
very nice painting! :)
Selene-Blackthorn's avatar
damn nice! I love the background, though it's a bit faded. the saber, face and hair are the best parts :)
Arppis's avatar
Diplomat style eh?
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