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the Leader's Family

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~ShadoooMewsBff asked for Firestar, Sandstorm, Leafpool, and Squirrelflight.
Only, I turned Leaf and Squirrel back into kit form! :la:

Seriously, I think FireXSand is pretty much my favorite warriors paring, hands down!
I don't know, they're just so...first generation, ya know? Old forest romance!

If only their kids weren't such fuck ups!! I mean, Squirrel and Leaf really let their father's reputation down! It's just sad. :x
Luckily, this is before all that whooey! When Leaf and Squirrel were just two, bouncing little kits, admiring the leadership of their father and the regal-ness of their mother.

Enjoy, fans!

P.S. I just started reading "Sign of the Moon" and I love all the shipping in the book! OMG, finally, some romance starts to stir up! <3 ...And then the stupid Tribe cats have to mess up EVERYTHING! :noes: I sit just me, or do the Tribe cats just need to GTFO!?

Warriors/ Firestar/ Sandstorm/ Leafpool(kit)/ Squirrelflight(kit) (c) Erin Hunter
Image (c) ~Graystripe64
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LynxOnACloudHobbyist Digital Artist
Gotta say, I really don't blame poor Squirrelflight for the Po3 drama, she was practically guilt tripped into adopting the kits by her sister and Yellowfang. She simply did what she thought what was right and all she wanted was to help her sister from her stupid and selfish mistake
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desertwind75Hobbyist General Artist
I love this!
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IlovebambiStudent Digital Artist
arent you a animater
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Shiro429 Traditional Artist
This is so precious! I’m so happy I figured out that you were the artist!!
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PiperInleHobbyist General Artist
OMG, Squirrelkit is so cute!  This whole image is precious. 
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BloodRavens1 Traditional Artist
Awwwwwww xD
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NamirithecheepardHobbyist Digital Artist
My fave ship of all time! AWWWW, the kits are so cute!!
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This pic is so popular 😊
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AuratheWolfoflightStudent Digital Artist
What if they were Secretly tigerstars kits BeastBoy -Dun dun dunnn 
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how could they? i mean he was dead when she gave birth
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CandypeltStudent Traditional Artist
You're right!
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Cichlid-DrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
I love squirrelkit(flight) in this!
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Shiverbelle44Student Digital Artist squirrelflight and leafpool! sooo wonderful!
I love the playful expressions on their faces
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OMG, baby Leafpool and Squirrelflight!

X3 looks like Squirrelflight preparing for mischief
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This is so incredible!
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AquaAcacia144Student Digital Artist
But yes, your art is incredible x3 
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AquaAcacia144Student Digital Artist
Did anybody know that Squirrelflight has a white paw because of Firestar's half-brother Scourge? Well guess what.

Firestar's HALF-brother is Scourge, which means they ARE NOT related by blood, because half-brother means the father/mother had the other son with a different tom/she-cat! That means Scourge and Firestar can be related, but cannot lead to the same coloration if one had a kit(s) (in this case Scourge did not xD)! So really, Squirrelflight got her white paw from who knows where!
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Did thunder have a White paw?

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LynxOnACloudHobbyist Digital Artist
Firestar and Scourge are related by blood???? They share the same father???
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ViolinFeatherHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, Squirrelflight is a reincarnation of what Scourge could've been. That's mostly where the white paw came from.
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Meezer-MuirHobbyist Artist
And where did you get THAT from?
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AquaAcacia144Student Digital Artist
Wait really??
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ViolinFeatherHobbyist Digital Artist
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