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Ink, Blink, and Pink



What can I say? I just had the strangest compulsion to draw the three Pie sisters. Not just Inkie and Blinkie. Not just filly Pinkie. But all together. Because the idea of these three sisters having fun and smiling together is just so heartwarming. :aww:

The relationship between Pinkie and her two sisters is...interesting. We assume that Pinkie just ended up having a great relationship with her family after she discovered her love for parties and smiles and her cutie mark. And...why shouldn't we just assume that? Who's to say that the Pie family didn't just turn into the brightest, party-loving rock farm family in their town, like Pinkie said! I have enough faith in Pinkie to believe that's true! Or at least that it was a more gradual process than she let on. ;)

I like to think of this piece taking place at a time when all three sisters are supposed to be doing their chores or getting ready for bed, but can't help but tussle and tumble with each other in a playful ball of filly fur! :la: Pinkie will do anything to make her sisters smile, even it means being as nimble as an acrobat! She's able to bring real genuine smiles to Inkie and Blinkie's faces, and their love for each other just grows with each one of those grins!

Oki Doki Loki, you silly-billies, enjoy!

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