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Deviation Actions

Hi there, thanks for using my stock! I hope you enjoy working with it, but before you do please read these few rules. If you have any suggestions or questions, just leave a note at my account.

You must:

- Credit me when using my stock. You can do this by linking back to my stock account.
- Leave a comment or note when you've used my stock, with a link to your artwork.

You can:

- post your work outside of DA, provided you clearly credit me and contact me providing the website.
- use my stock in prints ONLY here at DA. For any other commercial use, contact me first.

You may not:

- redistribute my stock in any way. This account is the only place where my stock is provided.
- use my stock in artwork containing extreme violence, political views, porn, gore and other stuff your mother told you to stay away from.
- Post photomanipulations in the Photography section of DA. There is a photomanipulation gallery in the Digital Arts section for this.

Take care,
© 2010 - 2021 GrayscaleStock
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Fair enough restriction. I will take care not to use them publicly.
Thank you for the inspiration :=)
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The only problem with such rules is that if we create book illustrations with a dozen of brushes, there's no way the publishers are going to credit all their brush-makers ;-) They barely have space to credit the artist, and often don't even write anything beneath the artwork, let alone aking them to create an "art glossary" to provide inside your name, website, etc. That said, now it seems that we can only behold your great brushes and ... use someone else's completely FREE (gratis) sets. Or ... create our own and fly free into the blue yonder without anchors. Good luck!
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i beleive tere good