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Watercolor I

Some nice watercolor brushes for you to mess with. :)

Same rules as with stock.

These are STAMP brushes, not continuous brushes!

These brushes were tested in Photoshop CS3. I've included the PSD file for those with other versions/apps.

Take care,
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Many thanks X3
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i faved and used your brushes: [link]
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This is a Notification of being Featured of our site Digital ink Magazine, as part of the fifty free photoshop brushes article. If you wish to view this article go here keep up the great work
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I used your stock here. I'm using it as a picture for a roleplay character on Gaiaonline:

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Featured on my website: [link] :D
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very nice brushes~
Just wanted to say thanks for these and that I linked to them on my blog @ [link]
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Just a quick question as I am trying to classify the brushes in my gallery - would you say these are stroke type brushes (which you can paint continuous lines with) or stamp type brushes (designed to make a particular fixed shape)? I only ask this as I am not sure how you got the drippy effect on your cover pic. Thanks for your help from tetsuk0 and #Digital-Brush-Depot
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No these are stamp brushes :)
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Oooo are any of the ones in this series stroke brushes? (the smoother ones maybe?) I think I have 4 or so of them in the gallery right now.
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No I'm afraid currently all I have is stamp brushes. Creating watercolor brushes in Photoshop is difficult, because the strokes can't actually interact with eachother, like they do in Artrage or Corel Painter.
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ok thankyou for answering that for me. I will go and move the brushes into the stamp section. have a great day!
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Lovely colours :)
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