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Halloween '18 - Spooky Sketches! by grayscalerain Halloween '18 - Spooky Sketches! by grayscalerain

Halloween ‘18 - Spooky Sketches!

Days are getting shorter, weather’s getting cooler (theoretically), it’s getting breezier and pretty soon the leaves will be falling down! 

What does that mean?  It means that soon it will be time for all the spooks, monsters, ghosts and ghouls to come out!

;3 It’s getting a bit spoopy.

And what does that mean for you?  Well!  That means monster themed commissions!  Up until the season ends, from September 7th to November 2nd, I’m running Halloween ‘18: Spooky Sketches!

What’s that mean?  Well demonstrated above, it’s $18.00 USD per character, color sketches with a sort of spoopy, ooky Halloweeny theme!  There aren’t any caps on these this time, so feel free to order what you want!

The major rules/things of note are as follows:

  • It has to be PG-13(ish) This basically means it can be risque but no bare naughty bits and no lewdness. Pin-up style and contained packages are fine.  This goes for the situations themselves, too.  I just want to be able to put these up at ALL my sites.
  • You either have to get a monster, ghoul, ghost, etc.; someone in a Halloween costume of sorts; or someone doing something Halloween-y, such as giving out candy, carving pumpkins, etc.  I’ll even accept things like baking pumpkin pie, bobbing for apples, putting up decorations, etc.  It just has to be seasonal, or thematically appropriate.
  • No offensive/edgelord costumes or themes, please.  I reserve the right to veto any ideas for this reason (or any reason I feel like, really.)
  • If the costume/idea is exceedingly complicated and I don’t think I can do it in an hour, I may ask for a little extra on it.  Either way, the picture’s done when I feel it’s done.  (Most of you know that I don’t like to leave things unfinished, so I’ll do my best regardless, but I’m not spending three hours on these.)
  • Payment is paid to start so you don’t have to pay until you’re ready for me to begin, but I won’t start until I’m paid.  I’ll invoice you once the deets are sent and you give me your e-mail and you can just pay me when you’re ready.  If you can’t attend stream, just let me know and I’ll set aside time to do off stream work for those that can’t make it.

If you want one, feel free to either e-mail me at commission(at) with the Subject: Halloween ‘18 (or “Spooky Sketches” or something similar.)

Or you can PM me with the same subject at my deviantartfuraffinity or inkbunny accounts.

I’ll be continuing with my regular commissions and Patreon work during most of the week, but on Fridays (with the exception of some prescheduled work) I’m going to be doing Spooky Sketches for 8 hours from 8PM to 4AM EDT!

I’m going to try for 100 of these this season!  We need to get Dicy’s tuition capped off so I’m going to try and pull in as much over the next couple months as possible!  That’s why I’m starting these so early (that and people love Halloween stuff and I want to give time for everyone to get in on it.  Plus, I don’t want to pressure myself as badly as I did last year)  

Wish me luck, everyone!  And thanks again!


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BlacklightShines Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2018
I'll sign up for one
grayscalerain Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Okay!  PM me with your idea then (if you haven't already on another account.)
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