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What sort of supplemental material would you like to see? 

19 deviants said Demon types and heirarchy.
11 deviants said Outfits/morphs for Eddie.
2 deviants said Maps of Sheol.
1 deviant said Maps of the human world.
1 deviant said Deconstruction of Cass' outfit.
No deviants said Other (Please Comment!)




Dec 15, 2018
7:02 am
Dec 15, 2018
6:52 am
Dec 14, 2018
5:54 pm
Dec 14, 2018
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Dec 14, 2018
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Friday Night Streamtime!

Going to be working on things here and there, working on comics and wallpapers and such!  Just whatever takes my fancy today, really!

Stream begins in about 25 minutes at 10PM EST!  See you all there! n.n!
Various Happenings... Returns
It's been some months, but let's get this show on the road!
If you're new, or it's been a while, you can get caught up in the gallery or head to the site!

I'm excited to get back on it!  Let's do this!  See you all... next week.    

Wednesday Night Streamtime!

Going to be doing some fun sketches, then might start on a wallpaper!  Tonight’s going to be a fun night, so lets enjoy ourselves! n.n!

Stream begins in about 20 minutes around 11PM EST!  Sorry for the late start, I wasn’t feeling all that well. n.n;

Halloween '18 - A Lich of a Time
This one was really fun. I got to take a crack at Zedd's ( lich gal, Lieftet.  It's rare when you get to operate right in your own wheelhouse and I got to have a blast with this one, just in general. <3

Definitely something spooky going on here. :3

Fox Saliant | Various Happenings
dA | FA | IB | Patreon | Ko-Fi 
Halloween '18 - A Mile In Someone Else's Socks
It looks like :iconiron-confederate:'s Catherine is having fun dressing up like a certain birb!  Will she gain her powers?!  Or will she just look awesome in a shiny black dress?  I mean, I think she does.    

Fox Saliant | Various Happenings
dA | FA | IB | Patreon | Ko-Fi 


J.M. Havens
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
  • Listening to: Manchester Orchestra - The Gold
  • Playing: Resident Evil: Revelations
  • Drinking: Water
==== Announcements and Business ====

Hallo everyone!
Things are getting checked off well! <3  Let’s make sure keep on keepin’ on!

(12/3) Tumblr Policy Changes
As I stated in my previous post, Tumblr’s changes mean that my blog cannot continue the way that it is.  I will do my best to find a viable alternative, but for now, once December 17th rolls around, my blog will be effectively dead.
I want to thank all of you that have stuck with me the last eight years.  This is just a bump in the road, of course, and my art production will not be affected in the slightest by this.
Again, if you want to see my work elsewhere, you can find all my available links at the bottom of this post.
I will not be deleting anything off of any of my blogs, but I can’t say the same for Tumblr’s staff.  If you want anything from my blog, feel free to save it yourself.  
If you’re going to repost it or whatever, just link to my galleries or the original posting, PLEASE.  I’d like for people to be able to find me.
(12/3) Patreon Changes
The changes have rolled out!  I’ll be messaging everyone who updated their tiers for their wobbles/sketches/etc, via Patreon so I can have them in a document for when it’s time to do them!
If you’re interested in the new tier benefits...
I want to thank those of you who’ve bumped up your support recently!  It helps me out a lot and I’m looking forward to a more exciting future thanks to you! n.n!
Once again, thank you for your support!
(11/26) Halloween ‘18 Postings
Yeah, I haven’t been posting these because A.) I’m forgetful and I have things to do and B.) whenever I’m not in ‘work’ mode, I get distracted with video games and personal stuff and it just slips my mind.  So yeah, I haven’t been doing it and I should so we’ll see if we can fix that this week.  Sorry about that. n.n;
(11/12) Commissions Closed (for the moment.)
So I’m going to keep the slots closed for right now until I get some of these commissions knocked down.  Once I do that, I’ll make an announcement opening them back up again.  This will probably be in a couple of weeks, or at the beginning of December, though, I really want to get everything cleaned out so I can adjust my prices again at the beginning of the year.  It’s about that time and I’ve got a better idea of what sort of level of work I should be charging for and the kind of extra options I can offer.
(11/12) Various Happenings returning soon!
So I’ve got a comic all ready and several more blocked out!  My plan right now is to start things back up on the Solstice (that’s December 21st.)  It’s a Friday, and that seems like a good place to bring it back from the dead. XD
The comic will pick up right where it left off, no rebooting or any of that stuff.  I’ve got the whole of the rest of Chapter 5 written out, and I’m currently blocking and sketching it.  Page 102 is about halfway finished and I’m going to be making a concerted effort this week to try to chip away at what I’ve got left.
If you haven’t read it before, or if it’s been a while, it’s always a good time to go back and refresh yourself!
And if you like it, go vote for us over at TWC!
And if you really want to support us, you can help us out over at Patreon or just chip in over at Ko-Fi!
I appreciate the support, and the patience.  Thank you.  I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!
Onto the list…!

==== Commissions, Paid Work & Patreon Items ====

Arty and Spooky - Artemis [INV-305]

The Adventures of Space Vixens XIV [Josephine Lee Harris] (Patreon)

SH Nurse Pin-Up (Patreon)

In Progress! - Blocking & Sketching completed.

November Wallpaper - Cass at Alki Point [Various Happenings]

Not Started

December Wallpaper - Winter Wonderland [With Jo and the Little Foxes] (Patreon)

Not Started

Doubleteamed Kitty - Hunter [INV-313]


Stripper Nuns! (Patreon)

Not started

Wicker Worgen - Nevvy [INV-315]

Not started

Conscript Stream: Chacumera (2hr) [INV-318 & 377]

Not scheduled yet.

Midnight Snack! - Drillkiller [INV-319 to 321]

Page 1
Not started.
Page 2
Not started.
Page 3
Not started.

Flyin’ Possum - Kith [INV-323]

Not started.

Overstuffed (Pt.2) - Wuffbutt [INV-324]

Not started.

Foxlike Snuggles - Shaze [INV-325]

Not started.

Snaketime - Iron Confederate [INV-326]

Not started.

Deer Fence [Vixen Whitetail] (Patreon)

Not Started

Froppy-ganza - Fernin [INV-354]

Not Started.

Pretty in Pink - Fernin [INV-355]

Not Started.

Concentrate On The Task At Hand [Yukiko Matsumori] (Patreon)

Not Started 

Conscript Stream - Hunter [INV-376]

Not Scheduled.

Lady of the Night [Diana Rose] (Patreon)

Not Started.

Conscript Stream - Fuzz [INV-378]

Scheduled 12/27

December Wobbles! (Patreon)

Not Started

As always, if I forgot something, let me know!

==== To Do List ====

  • Sweep folders for not-uploaded pieces from 2018
  • Update the Hall of Friends!
  • Update Ledger
  • Update VH Front Page
  • Update FSS Site
    • Make sections for each commission type 
      • Wobble Site Section
      • Portraits Site Section
      • Character Sheet Site Section
    • Update Commission Prices
  • Compile all of my past commissions into folders sorted by commissioner
  • Finish Patreon Pieces
  • Update Secret Gallery
  • Update Patreon Banner
  • Finish Blocking Out VH Ch.5
  • Clear out all of my inboxes (dA/IB)
  • Finish Queen Spooky Character Sheet
  • Create VH Cast Page (?)
And then, as for the schedule... 

==== Weekly Schedule [12/10] ====

Monday (12/10)
Posting and Administravia

Tuesday (12/11)
Various Happenings - Blocking & Lettering, Sitework

Wednesday (12/12)
STREAM (10PM EST ~ 4AM EST): Winter Foxes Wallpaper (Sketching)

Thursday (12/13)
Various Happenings - Blocking & Lettering, Sitework 

Friday (12/14)
STREAM (10PM EST ~ 4AM EST) - Winter Foxes Wallpaper (Lineart)

Saturday (12/15)
Off Day

Sunday (12/16)
Off Day

And that’s what we’ve got for this week.

=== Milestones & Highlights! ===

Let’s see how things are going!
As of right now:
That’s a lot of numbers!  

Tumblr’s ban on NSFW material goes into affect one week from today, so this will be my last weekly post to show up on tumblr.  We will continue these next week on Patreon, dA, FA, & Inkbunny.
I might get a Pillowfort... but we’ll have to see.

My e-mail is open at sali(at) or you can pm me either here, or at my deviantart or inkbunny (links are below).

If you want to help me out or see stuff that I can’t quite show off yet, feel free to visit my Patreon and contribute!  If you just want to help, check out my website over at for general info and donation links!  I set up Ko-Fi for those of you who are still skittish about Patreon but want to toss something my way anyway, so if that appeals to you, go ahead and throw something over there!

We’re getting close to getting out of here!  Dicy’s taking his last test today, and with any luck, that means the end of a chapter on our lives and the beginning of something cool and new! 
Thanks again for reading, and I’ll see most of you next week!



grayscalerain has started a donation pool!
20 / 3,000
This is for an official dA subscription! After all, if I'm going to be a real artist who takes commissions, I need all the help I can get. >_>;

If you have any extra, I would appreciate it if you'd drop some points in the box. n.n; I'd much rather commission for cash, though, but every little bit helps.

You must be logged in to donate.


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