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Commission - Bad Girl (Nude Version) by grayscalerain
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Commission - Stealthy Snuggles by grayscalerain
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7:14 am
Jul 15, 2018
5:23 am
Jul 15, 2018
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Sick Today

If it wasn't apparent because I totally flaked and forgot to post a no stream announcement.  XD  I'm so sorry.  I've just felt awful today and I knew it was coming (like I said on Wednesday) so there ya go.  Hopefully I'll be back in better shape by Monday, though.  Sorry again!

Wednesday Night Livestream!

Going to be cleaning up commissions sketches and doodling!

Stream begins in about 10 to 15 minutes around 10PM EDT!  See you there, everyone! n.n

Character Sheet - Yukiko Matsumori

Well, I finally did it!  I finished Yuki’s character sheet, after several months of working on it off and on.  I still want to do a bunch of different outfits for her and such, but those can wait.

I think this will be the official one for a while yet, though I might make a touch up here or there.

I love my Yuki-Yuki. <3  She’s been one of my main girls for AGES and even though I don’t do much with her now a days, I hope to one day. o.o

But just drawing her makes me happy, and that’s enough for now I suppose.

Fox Saliant Studios | Various Happenings
Patreon | Ko-Fi | dA | IB | FA 

CS Commission - Two Princess and A Layabout

Conscript stream results for Doomcup!

He’s got a commissioned story that Azure is working on and these are the three main characters!

Komamanga, the elder sister and princess of a zebra clan; Mtini, her younger, more upbeat and a little odd sister and Mtini’s new husband to be, Meadow Sunlight, a fairly typical unicorn from Equestria.

You’ll have to check it out when it comes out if you’re into that sort of thing!

Also, happy birthday to Doomcup! n.n!

Fox Saliant Studios | Various Happenings
Patreon | Ko-Fi | dA | IB | FA 

Conscript Stream Commission - Bon Bon In Trouble

Some conscript stream stuff for Zedd!

Bon Bon is having a rough time.  Looks like she lost her mask on this one. Not the biggest hit she’s taken (she’s still got her pants) but this one looks like it’s going to be tough!

Fox Saliant Studios | Various Happenings
Patreon | Ko-Fi | dA | IB | FA 



J.M. Havens
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
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Hallo everyone!

Things are going alright.  Still early on in the month and we’re taking care of everything as best we can.

Don’t have a lot to say right now, but rest assured, I’m doing my best to take care of things.

Announcements and Business


(6/25) Commission Slots OPEN!!

Last month was a bit rough with unexpected expenses, but we did it!  Still, we need to keep things rolling, so I’m still open for commissions!

If you want to commission me, send me a message and we’ll discuss it!  If I run out of slots, I’ll put you on the call list so I can get to you once something opens up!

Commission Post is here: 

Commissions Open!Commissions are Open!
(Updated: 5/23/2018)
I’ll be opening spots for simple commissions (up to three characters), for bills and such.
Things are going alright, but that end of the month rush for rent is going strong and I need to pull in some cash, so I’m going ahead and opening some slots!  I’m going to have eight open for these types of commissions!  I also have things available like portraits, character sheets, and the wobbles, too!
Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. I’m... really busy, but I’m just gonna keep plugging away at these as consistently as I can. If you want to see them streamed, then let me know and I’ll contact you when I’m ready to schedule it for you. Any time sensitive stuff (like you need it done in less than a couple weeks) will require a surcharge for rush delivery. 
For more detailed information, visit my site here: <a href="">

The list is on my spreadsheet, which is here:…

My commission prices are here:

If you want to contact me about commissions you can note me at dA, FA, or Inkbunny (links are at the bottom of this post) or you can e-mail me at commission(at) !

Things like the Lil’ Wobbles are still available and don’t count towards the slot count.  If you’re interested in those, drop me a line!

I’ll be accepting commissions until I feel like things will be covered, so don’t be shy!


(6/4) Update Schedule for Various Happenings to be sporadic for summer.

Due to the amount of work to be done both in reference to my commission work and things around my home, the weekly updates for Various Happenings are going to become a bit sporadic for the next few months while I focus on working down my commission list and straightening out a few things that have been on my to-do list for a while.

I wanted to try for every other week, but a bout of sickness meant that I didn’t quite get to making a full page last week, which was a bit upsetting.  Hopefully, since I have time scheduled out, I’ll be able to finish up the page I have in progress and start on the next one so it’ll be up on Friday as per usual.

The comic is not going on complete hiatus; updates will just be slow coming, and I can’t promise a page every Friday.  I was considering taking a break AFTER page 100 and finishing the conversation with Lyle, however, it will take another month at least to get there from the current pace, and I need to make time to address my other work for the moment.

If you want to make things easier on me, please consider joining my Patreon, which goes directly into feeding my projects.  The minimum is only a buck, and every little bit helps bring my projects to life.  I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to support myself on merchandising and crows support rather than having to constantly trawl for commissions and every new patron is one step closer to that goal.

(Update 7/9) I know things have been quiet for a bit and I apologize for that, but I am working on the comic, just slowly.  I’ve been doing the writing and blocking for the remainder of Ch.05 and once I get a decent road map down, the drawing part will go a lot faster.  It’s just getting through the most stressful bit all at once so that I can concentrate without indecision.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding with me.  I’m doing my best to have everything taken care of and hopefully I’ll be able to give you more information later tonight about the state of the comic.


As always, I would like to send out my thanks to everyone who supports my Patreon!   I’ve got some ideas for things moving forward that you all might like, but for now we’ll see about getting the list checked off before I go about making any changes.


Onto the list…!

Commissions, Paid Work & Patreon Items

SH Nurse Pin-Up (Patreon)
Blocking & Sketching completed. Inking next. 

JWhoof Icons (Patreon)
Not started yet.  Need info.

Safety Inspection [Haylee Hardhat] (Patreon)
In progress!

After Dragons - Fernin [INV-281]
Raising A Barn (AJ + Spike)
Not started yet.
Friendship Lessons (Twilight + Starlight)
Not started yet.

Woozle - Kith [INV-286]
In progress!

Character Sheet: ??? - [Anonymous] [INV-290]
On Hold.

Monster Friend + Eddie - Chaotick9 [INV-291]
In progress!

New Character Sheet - Remixer [INV-293 & 303]
Not started yet.

Eclair Stuff! - Eclair [INV-295]
Eclair + Mochi Wobbles!

Not started yet.
Not started yet.

A Great Place To Rest Your Face [Eddie and Cass] (Patreon)
Not Started

Reiku & Paige - Reiku [INV-298]
Pt. 1

Not Started
Pt. 2
Not Started

Bodywork - Razor Breeze [INV-299]
Not Started

Kayce and Eri - Mad Coil [INV-301]
Not Started

Shadefox and Yuki - Shadesfox [INV-302]
Not Started

Conscript Stream (4hr) - Doomcup [INV-304]

Arty and Spooky - Artemis [INV-305]
Not Started

Kelsey! - Jon [INV-306]
Not Started

Rhea - CuriousGarchomp [INV-307]
In Progress!

Character Sheet: Aubrey - Azure Dreamer [INV-308]
Not Started

The Adventures of Space Vixens XIV [Josephine Lee Harris] (Patreon)
Not Started

As always, if I forgot something, let me know!

To Do List

  • Upload finished commissions (4 Left)
  • Create July Wallpaper Vote
  • Create July Patreon Piece Vote
  • Sweep folders for not-uploaded pieces from 2018
  • Update the Hall of Friends!
  • Make posts/sections for each commission type
    • Wobble Site Section
    • Conscript Stream Post
    • Portraits Site Section & Post
    • Character Site Section & Posts
  • Make 3-Monitor Version of Wallpaper
  • Compile all of Obsidian’s past commissions
  • Clear out all of my inboxes (Tumblr/dA/IB/E-mail)
  • Max out my tumblr queue
  • Finish Character Sheets
    • Yukiko Matsumori
    • Queen Spooky
  • Further organize VH chapter documents/consolidate notes
  • Update Patreon Banner
  • Create Cast Page
  • Update Secret Gallery
  • Spooky’s Castle Update(?)

And then, as for the schedule... 

Weekly Schedule [7/9]

Monday (7/9)
Administravia and Posting

Tuesday (7/10)
Various Happenings p.99 - Sketching?
Various Happenings - Further Blocking/Writing

Wednesday (7/11)
STREAM (10PM ~ 4AM EDT): #286 - Sketching / Lining / Coloring
#291 - Sketching
#307 - Sketching / Coloring

Thursday (7/12)
Various Happenings p.99 - Lineart & Color
Various Happeings - Further Blocking/Writing

Friday (7/13)
STREAM (10PM ~ 4AM EDT): #281 - Sketching (pt.1 & 2)

Saturday (7/14)
Day Off

Sunday (7/15)
Day Off

Milestones & Highlights!

Let’s see how things are going!

As of right now:

That’s a lot of numbers!  

So tired!  So much to do! XD

We’ll get it, though!  We finally cracked $100/mo on Patreon again!  That’s really cool!  n.n I’ll put up that vote as soon as possible and then we’ll see what last month’s vote comes up as for the monthly draw.

I kind of got ahead of myself a bit, but things have been really crazy lately so hopefully I’ll get the time, energy and motivation to burn down these projects.

Next week I might take a week to burn out my Patreon projects to try and get those checked off.

As always, if you want to ask me questions about my work, feel free to e-mail me at sali(at) or pm me either here, or at my deviantart or inkbunny (links are below).

If you want to help me out or see stuff that I can’t quite show off yet, feel free to visit my Patreon and contribute!  If you just want to help, check out my website over at for general info and donation links!  I set up Ko-Fi for those of you who are still skittish about Patreon but want to toss something my way anyway, so if that appeals to you, go ahead and throw something over there!

It gets rough sometimes, but you just have to keep chipping away at it.  Got to keep it together.


Fox Saliant Studios | Various Happenings
Patreon | Ko-Fi | dA | IB | FA


grayscalerain has started a donation pool!
0 / 3,000
This is for an official dA subscription! After all, if I'm going to be a real artist who takes commissions, I need all the help I can get. >_>;

If you have any extra, I would appreciate it if you'd drop some points in the box. n.n; I'd much rather commission for cash, though, but every little bit helps.

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