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Rowanclaw is a dad

Rowanclaw with his kids Tigerkit (Tigerheart) , Dawnkit (Dawnpelt) and Flamekit (Flametail) !! 
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flamekit over here like "this is fine" while looking like he wants his siblings to stfu i love him

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Flamekit face is adorable XD

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I got here from looking up “Kitty” and nice artwork btw.

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Great job, I love it, your art style is great, keep up the good work and have an amazing day

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They are so adorable

owo crying emoji

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D’aw your art is always so nice to look at!! I’ve been wondering, what program do you use?

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Вы нарисуете моего персонажа бесплатно?:backhug:or trade? Я был бы очень счастлив!

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Точнее, я могу попробовать трейд!

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Tigerkit and Dawnkit: DAD DAD DAD

Flamekit: *hello darkness my old friend...*

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flame kits face is hilarious tigerkit and dawnkit are just like: "YAY dad!!!" and flamekit is just like: " I'm alive in 8 books and I can't get a girl friend 'cos ima medicine cat

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It's been a while since I've seen Warriors artwork. This is adorable! :love:

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Flamekits face is just priceless.

Just priceless

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He seems like a good dad

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What brush you used? It looks amazing and omg so cute 🥺 I love your art 😄
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I love how flamekit is just staring into the distance,, It is cute tho

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Too cute for my eyes ;0;

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Flamekit: No thoughts, head empty


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*Floofy babies!!*

*Fun fact, when Rowanclaw(star) was an apprentice(Rowanpaw) he was actually a she-cat! Don't know when the Erin's changed their mind about him lol.*

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lmao yeah, that's why some people think he's trans

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*I wonder how those AU's work out. I'll have to try and find some lol.*

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