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Not my OC so yeah XD

Been so long so I finally finished it. What comes after this is a whole ton crap of comms so yeah I won't be around for a while.

Hope you guys have a great day~

*reuploaded forgot the spikes*
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AWWW YAY :love::la::happybounce:~!!! Thank you so very much, she looks so beautiful in your art style!!! This request was sooo well worth the wait too!!!

Also, thanks a lot for remembering me and working on my request, even though I forgot to get back to you about the details. I've been going through a rough patch the past yeah, so I really appreciate you spending time on my request! :heart:

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Had to actually go back and check on the old design you had on her,so the protruding horns and spikes aren't there :D

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Ah, I see. Yeah, I noticed that too. But its fine. Maybe someday I'll ask you for another request of her ;P =P . But for right now, I am still really happy with how she turned out.