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I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned this earlier, but my wife, Enamorte has published her very first book, Amethyst Eyes. It's been a few years in the making and has gone through lots of revisions to both the story and the characters (and even the way they look. See her collection of Amethyst Eyes art for a better idea.

There were many, many nights where she'd lock herself in her room and write furiously, and many times when we sat down and discussed the progress of the book (which at some points just seemed like an ever-shifting goalpost) but she did it, and I am so very proud of her for accomplishing what few have

If you're interested in buying the book or taking a look at a preview:

Visit Amethyst Eyes Online

The book may not be in your usual "genre" (I know it's not mine) but it's still worth taking a look, especially for the ending which still leaves me thinking!

I guess you're probably tired of journals that are (not so) subtly telling you to buy stuff or join sites or add stuff to circles, but I only ever post the things I'm really passionate about. And this is one of those things :)

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Aaah shit, I wandered onto your page after seeing your complaint and thought Amethyst Eyes sounded familiar, and sure enough, I used to watch Enamorte YEARS ago on my first account. :lol: Congrats to her on publishing! :la: