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This looks really good, and has that "enzudesign" feel which has become your identity. The battery charging screen looks really good (and I'm sure looks even better in action) and I'm liking the SMS conversation.

The only issues I have with this are the "slide to unlock" item gets in the way of the orb on the standard lock screen, perhaps you need to move all instances of the orb up. This will not only stop the slider from getting in the way, but will also let you have more space for status text or buttons during calls. The icons are hard to read due to low contrast but I know this is something you're aware of, so I won't say too much more on it. The font on the keyboard looks alright, but feels a little too "Sci-fi"-ish so something more like the "Loading" text on the boot screen would look good.

Asides from that, you've made the iPhone your own and I love that. It looks simply amazing. If Apple allowed you to theme the iPhone and you could sell it, I'd definitely buy it. Keep up the great work!
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