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There isn't a whole lot I can critique on this piece, as technically, it's stunning. Black and white works really well and you can see the emotion in the puppy's face which is usually hard to catch in such small animals. The depth of focus is where it matters the most -- the eyes, however it would have been good if you could extend that DOF to the nose upwards. The framing of the photo is excellent. The viewer's eye is drawn to the puppy's face without any distractions due to the tight frame at the edges.

The watermark, although sadly necessary, is a little too strong in my opinion. Dropping it down to 75% or even 50% of it's opacity would still make it readable, but not as noticeable. Also, the red text should have been in black and white too, to match the theme.

Overall, a very impressive photo. It's great to see that your photography skills keep improving in leaps and bounds. Your post-processing skills give your photos a wonderful edge and you possess so much knowledge of framing, composition and other photographic techniques. Good job!
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photographygrl Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the compliments, along with the critique!

That's really what I'm working on how to control now, is DoF, sometimes it can be kind of hard to get the settings just right. Plus, the little sucker was running around in circles ninety to nothing. Haha.

Eh, I know what you mean about the watermark, I didn't like it much either. I was working on it and my friend said "make that red so you can see it better" So I did. I'm not particularly fond of it, so I probably won't continue to use it.

Thanks for commenting, old friend. You opinion means loads to me! :D

I miss Winston stories D:
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