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Bounce light tutorial

Warning: Big file (3675 pixels high)

This is a neat little trick I was taught about two years ago. Since then I've used it in a few deviations plus a few snapshots with friends and family. Once you learn how to do it, you'll wonder how you survived without it!

By using a cheap $2 mirror, you can achieve fantastic and professional looking lighting in your next portrait or product shot.

Wait for the whole thing to load (it's about 1mb big), have a read and let me know what you think.

This tutorial is released under a Creative Commons license. Do as you wish with it but if you do use it, abuse it or share it, I'd like to see :)
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in case of out door shooting how do u deal with that ?
cause i cant keep walking around with a tripod not to set the shutter to a long time
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I recommend buying a bouncer. It's a largeish disc shape with reflective material on it. You bounce the sunlight off the bouncer and onto the subject. They're rather cheap too and come in different colours and materials for different amounts of light. You just unfold it, get someone to hold it near them and take your shot. I haven't got one (as I don't do many portraits) but you can do the same thing with those silver reflectors you put in your car's window to keep the heat out!

Thanks for the comment :)
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thank you! now let's see whether I can tweak it to work for me.. ^^
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Hope it works out for you! It's easy as pie once you get the hang of it :)
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This is very useful! Thanks!
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Thanks for the fave, and I hope this comes in useful for either yourself or someone you know :)
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you're welcome. It's indeed really useful :D
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Yay! A tutorial!
Thanks so much, I'll be trying this out soon, I think.
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I hope it works out well for you :) A good off-the-camera flash is the way to go, of course, but for those moments when you don't have one, this trick is just as good!
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