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Design tips: Typography
:bulletorange: Avoid the use of the font Optima, particularly for luxury or similarly "fancy" types of clients. It looks generally dated and plain.
:bulletorange: Try not to pair different sans-serif fonts (ex: Arial and Helvetica), but if you do, do not use fonts that are similar. The key is to use fonts that are distinctly different, such as a condensed sans for headlines and regular sans like Helvetica or Verdana for subheads or body copy. If you use two that are similar, it will look like you mistakenly didn't update all your text with the same font.
:bulletorange: If you want to pair a serif font with a sans-serif or vice versa, there are 3 options you should use to make your decisions:
1) Select fonts made by the same typographer, or
2) Select fonts made around the same time period, or
3) Select fonts with similarly shaped characters
(Note: The reason why the rules may be different between pairing serif/sans-serif fonts and pairing two sans-serif fonts is that serif fonts have ex
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Fuck 911
I remember watching the events of September 11 unfold live, and being very upset and disturbed by them. Even as a stupid teenager, I never liked the US foreign policy based on the very little that I knew and understood back then. However, I fully supported US bombing the shit out Afghanistan.
Today, I saw the following image shared on Facebook by a friend, and it inspired me to write this post.

It's always important to see the big picture, and not miss the forest for the trees. Since 911 roughly, 100,000,000 people have died from hunger, which is a total of 30,000 911's in the last 11 years or over seven 911's per day. You tell me what is worse one: 911 in 11 years, or seven of them EVERY DAY.
But it's so mundane, and boring - right? Who cares about dirty little children dying in dirty little countries you can't even locate on the map. Almost nobody. This is not a rhetorical question, or speculation - it's a statement of fact. You don't really care, and I
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i really want everyone who is interested to try it.
so, i figured easiest way.
DO NOT NEED expensive camera, lens, flash, and big water tank.
if you have one, you can use it too.
since this is simple and basic, you can apply your own idea and develop into your own art very easily.
1. get water container
these are the small containers that can be used.
they are very small, focusing problem may occur.
very difficult to get dynamic wave in this size.
i found they are ideal to get good wave shots.
1L glass container, wine bottle, 2L soda bottle.
i prefer something 1.5 to 2 litter soda bottle.
because of its nature,
soda bottle design is simpler than other drinks.
less bumps, smoother curves, so pick this one!
* you do not use soda itself for taking photo.
if you use it, bubble will cover entire bottle
surface and does not look cool in photograph.
any drink bottle that has bumpy design is not good.
these bumps will be distracting to achieve clean shot.
translucent food saving containers are
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My selection of the best and humorous work on deviantART


There isn't a whole lot I can critique on this piece, as technically, it's stunning. Black and white works really well and you can see ...

This critique stems from the fact that my eyesight isn't perfect so this will be why I will see things differently from others. Overall...

This looks really good, and has that "enzudesign" feel which has become your identity. The battery charging screen looks really good (a...

This is a simply fantastic piece! I get the feeling that, even though the street is nearly empty, it is alive and kicking with hundreds...


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It's that time of year where I submit a journal. So, this is it. Hi!



D. Gray
Artist | Professional | Photography
I am David Gray. Photographer, website designer and graphic artist. I also like consuming lighbulbs.



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hey where in aus are you? you live about 21 km from me
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uh 1) No problems, and 2) hi :D
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