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God's Grayce-ch.3
Chapter 3- Night in the Park
I woke up with a start, jumping from the bench. Breathing hard, I frantically looked around at my surroundings, my heart pounding. I couldn't see a thing; it was pitch black.
"I must've gone to sleep," I mumbled, still half-dead.
Just as I set down, snuggling into the bench again, realization dawned on me.
"Oh my God!" I shouted, jumping up. "I can't believe I actually fell asleep! Mom is gonna kill me!"
I grabbed my school bag with one swoop and began to run for the house. I ran around and around until I couldn't run anymore. When I was completely out of breath, I stopped, panting.
I was lost; big time.
"This is…great," I said to myself, trying to catch my breath. "Just….great. This is…all I… end…my perfect…day."
I sank to the ground where I stood, my body weary.
This is the exact reason I told Dad to get me a cell phone. But would he listen? No.
While I sat on the ground, holding my bag to me like a lifeline, I thou
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Mature content
goku pan ch.2-Saiyan Fury :icongrayce-adalyn:grayce-adalyn 0 2
Goku Pan-ch.1-unknown enemy
This story doesn't take place in any particular time period. keep in mind that I'm writing this at like 12:30 in the morning so its going to suck a little..sorry about that. this is just the kind of story that I've been looking for on this site but haven't found yet, soooooooo i decided to write it myself!!
um, i don't own the DBGT series or anything else for that matter..i think that's what I'm supposed to say???? Yeah just don't sue me..thanks...
On with the story!!!
"I can't believe he forgot to pick me up again," Pan muttered as she flew across the sky towards home. "It's like the third time this week now.." Trunks had agreed to pick her up from school about a month ago and he had been doing pretty good until the last three weeks. When Pan asked him about it he apologized profusely and promised he wouldn't do it again, which she had actually believed the first fifteen times. "My mistake," she said out loud, her shoulders falling forward. She thought that she meant a little more to
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God's Grayce-ch.2
Chapter 2- First Day
When I made it out of the building I took a deep breath; it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of my chest. I smiled inwardly as I looked around the grounds. While I was in the office chatting with Miss Sunshine, other students had begun to arrive and were talking with one another in their group of friends. Seeing this sent a sharp jolt of home sickness through my stomach. It made me realize how much I missed my old friends, and my school, almost to the point where I missed my teachers….almost.
I shook my head to get rid of the thought. Oh well, it doesn't matter now does it? I thought bitterly.
I sighed and looked down at my schedule. My first class was in room 108; math with McKinley. I groaned in desperation. I could barely think enough in the morning to tie my shoes much less work math problems. I sighed. I would worry about that later; right now I needed to find the classroom.
I glanced up at the giant clock on top of the front office buildi
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God's Grayce-ch.1
Chapter 1- The Beginning of the End
"I am going to rip you apart piece by piece!" I shouted to Reid as I frantically ran through the house searching for my bag.
He had hidden it from me deliberately, trying to make me late for the first day at my new school. As I got to the top of the stairway leading to my room, I never noticed Reid opening the bathroom door. My big toe slammed into the corner of the door and I howled. Grabbing my injured foot, I hopped around in circles, feeling like an idiot.  
As I blew on my poor toe, I heard Reid sigh. "What are you doing?" he asked, walking out of the bathroom.
I put my foot down and glared up at my older brother menacingly. At the height of 6 foot 4, he was tall even for his 20 years of age. His bright blond hair was short, and his bangs fell in front of his eyes at a kind of angle. His previous lifeguard occupation down at the state pool had given him a very natural, tanned skin tone. Four years of football had made him lean, giving
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God's Grayce-prologue
"Grayce, run!" Kadan shouted into my earpiece right before I was blasted off of the ground by a huge energy blast.
I flew, almost gracefully, several feet into the air before finally landing on my back with a loud thud. I heard Kadan curse in my earpiece as I lay immobile on the ground, trying to catch my breath. My head was pounding as I struggled to get myself together again.
"Grayce, are you ok?" Kadan asked anxiously, the tiny earpiece in my ear buzzing wildly.
"Are you ok?" he persisted, even more frantic.
Hell no I'm not ok, I wanted to growl, my temper rising. How would you feel if you'd just gotten blown up? Instead I replied, "Yeah, I'm fine," as I stood up and dusted myself off.
My body felt like lead, every part of me was aching and my head was about to explode. More and more feeders were appearing which meant that we were getting closer to reaching our goal. I could feel the evil floating in the air. It was everywhere; suffocating me.
The once beautiful New York pa
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i haven't written in my journal in such a long time...and there's a reason for that...i didn't feel as though i had anything to really write about..and i know that you can write about anything you want because it's your journal but i never felt compelled to do it so i didn't. i've been through a lot since i've last been on this site. i've learned a lot as well. although it doesn't seem as though a lot of time has passed, a lot of things have happened in my life. the school semester is almost over. i made it through my first semester of college ha..that's a pretty big deal for me considering that around this time last year i was freaking out about my future. i still don't know what's in store for my future but im definitely a lot more confident about it than i was a year ago. so i've gotten some new ideas for my story. in order to write you have to have life experiences. it's one thing being a good writer but even if your story is fiction based, you have to have experiences in order to receive the right emotion or explain things in a certain way..i can't really explain what im talking about accurately. im actually just venting right now and writing down some random things that pop into my head. im sure that you can write if you don't have experiences, in fact i know you can because that's how i started. i had no experiences but i wrote the situations in my story as accurately as i could and based them on how i believe that would go...

so on a different note, i get to see my boyfriend in about, i wanna say 35 days now? i'm going to his house in arizona for about five days. he originally lives in michigan but that's where they go for christmas. obviously im excited to see him but im especially excited because i get to goto arizona. if it wasn't for meeting james i would've never been able to goto michigan this summer, or chicago, or anywhere that we went together this summer. meeting james has given me more experiences and adventures in my life which makes me even more grateful that i met him. i am a firm believer that whatever happens in life is for a reason. and the main reason that i am a firm believer of that is because it is one hundred percent true concerning my life. every little or big thing that has happened in my 18 years of life has been for a reason. i always get a lesson out of my experiences, no matter how  big or small. life is merely a huge learning experience and it's all about perception and how you choose to view it...

ok well im going to go for now. i promise ill be on a lot more and i'll be wrting a lot more now...i just needed a little break to get my thoughts in check lol..


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I'm Lindsey and I'm 22 years old. I love to write and be's just what i do :P usually i write whatever comes to me and i just go with it ya know? it depends on what im in the mood for.


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