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Project Runway Challenge 9




Bryn Poliwczynski (c) September 2012 | Do NOT steal, download, re-post, claim as your own, copy, physically make and/or sell my designs, etc.!

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For the 9th challenge of Project Runway. The challenge was to design a textile inspired by your heritage and incorporate it in your design.

:bulletred: About the design... :bulletred:

The textile pattern is a clock face made up of keys and keyholes, surrounded by a maze and walls. It represents how much I've struggled from day to day with both my art and life. For every obstacle I overcome, there's another wall and even less time; every time I think I'm happy with how far I've come, I just realize that I still am not in a good place. Man alive, it's stressful. From a distance, the pattern will seem basic and simple, but when you get up close, you can see all the details (showing how people assume that I'm always calm and not bothered by things, but in reality, I stress over and regret every little thing).

For the actual dress, I thought about doing a hood to represent the part of me that always wants to hide from things, but in the end, it distracted from what I wanted to achieve here. The shape of the panels are supposed to mimic pages of a book (which symbolizes many, many things about me), and the colors and general look of the pattern link in my Polish ancestry.

:bulletred: Styling and Accessories :bulletred:

If you go through the accessories on the L&T wall, you'll find a whole lot of hideous, unwearable shoes. -.- Sheesh, it's like someone wanted to be creative and failed.

Vince Kamuto: Kira Leather Peep Toe Pumps: [link]

Accessories are from Lord & Taylor.

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Thanks for including the descriptions of WHY you included various design elements. I wish more folks on DA would do that. (I'll admit I didn't spot the maze in the border until you pointed it out.)