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Anthro CMC and Spike

Still cute in any form

Original by :iconambris:CMC Anthro Height Chart by Ambris

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overall i LOVE this picture.

spike's blush is adorable, sweetiebell's nighty is so cute, applebloom's shorts and tanktop are perfect for her personality, and i like how scootaloo and babsseed have similar outfits (since their personalities are a bit similar)

most of the time when i see pics of the CMC's in their underwear it's an overly sexual picture. but this has a kind of innocence about it. i really like it. so far it's one of my favorite pics like this.

all the outfits fit the character's personality and compliment how you have drawn them. a wonderfully perfect picture.

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Is there a one where Spike wears clothes?
lightningchaser20's avatar
scootaloo's eyes are purple, not green
screamer33's avatar
So damn cute as hell !!!!'
awesomeness !!!!
xXBLITZyXx's avatar
sweety pretty bell
Why they only have three figures 
BronyNo786's avatar
**fingers. That's how some people prefer to draw anthro.
Sorry for the miss spelling, ok
Marvyn1990's avatar
they all look beautiful! =D
luna-fan28's avatar
Scoots looks cute
Ewxep's avatar
I know nearly nothing about Babs.
soldinethecyborg's avatar
Shorts makes girls sexier.
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I agree with CrunchTheDestroyer... Except I want to add one more thing... And this annoys a lot of people if its pointed out on their pictures buutt.... Scootaloo's eyes are the wrong color
It just hugs me a bit, but in the end this picture turned our awesome!
Gray-Gold's avatar
I used an official pony color guide, how did I use the wrong color?
Snowkitty129's avatar
Dk, but I thought her eyes were supposed to be purple not green ^u^"
Blackfoxx777's avatar
Aww sweetie is too shy to show a little skin^^
Ashardu's avatar
Thank you! Finally a humanized art of them. Thinking how they look through the Fics won't be a problem anymore, am I right?
Ichigo-Mirukuseki's avatar
why scoot have green eyes?
she have purple eyes!!!
Rainbow2-0's avatar
Grown up and knocking down!
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Wow! Very nice.  Thanks for sharing.  :+favlove:
BrysonMichealCano's avatar
Spikes all embarrassed XD
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This actually looks pretty legit when you look at it
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