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Hey! You should know that we are Iranian!


The Shahanshahi Flag by think0, visual art

This is God of G.O.D!!! | 00714


God Machine by sigu, visual art

Open Your Mind And Remove The Limits. | 00713


78 by farzadonline, visual art

Body stolen by Zeus-e Daus. [MIND EYE] | 00714


Fire by abdelrahman, visual art

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If you want to know about we...

How are you

Unfortunately, the Zionist-led world propagation has displayed an unpleasant and disgusting image of Iranians through a massive investment. They are addressing us as terrorist and deny our culture, civilization, heritage and even race (i.e. Aryan)

Though the people are skilled, expert and artist, they possess low-literacy with lack of cultural understanding in confronting with this fake culturalization! Because the media particularly TV are easily brainwashing them and they are also happy with this

Of course, we have adjusted to this abnormal and disgusting situation and more importantly, we are living… though in hardship

We do not think you would have known that Iran is the oldest country on the earth?

No one knows and understands that how much he owes his life to the cultural and scientific achievements of Iranians and anyway he is living a pleasant and peaceful life due to the achievements of these "terrorist people"

We do not need to say who we are and what we have done. However, it suffices to know that

Whenever you are reminded of Christmas and Santa Claus, search our cultural roots in the remote past

Whenever you are reminded of complicated management and organization, search our intellectual and political system in the remote past.

Whenever you succeed in neglecting your cellphone or optic laser technology, search our current knowledge

And whenever your mind is preoccupied with the thought of getting electric energy from a vacuum space, consider our current achievements for your future life!

And of course, whenever you want to know something of our philosophy or real religion, review Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen)

Moreover, you can search on the Internet “Baghdad Battery” and calculate the time of the regress of human society since then

These few cases are enough for getting familiar with the Assassination Nation

The most important point which is vital and the people of other nations do not know anything about it, is that the regime that is ruling us is not Iranian and has been brought in by the foreigners and more importantly it has an anti-Iranian culture and it acts in line with the Zionist regime.

But once German people suffered from the same imposed life situation! Let’s learn from the history!

We are not a designer but since We are interested in graphic and art, We have signed up here and sometimes we spend a part of my day here for having fun and we are creating an archive

It is noteworthy that these beautiful works and designs lead to intellectual as well as imaginary growth we are in needs of which truly

They are addressing us as terrorists! They are right! Because they are afraid of us! I just now assassinated your mentality!!!

We! are Iranian!!! and we terrorized your mind!!! You can go...

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You can see here:
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Silent Hill [Siavash Ghomayshi] | Nasereh Cheshmazar [Enigma 4] | Kamelot | Michael McCann [Deus Ex] | Tchaikovsky [Russian Themes] | Two Step From Hell [Power Of Darkness] | Schiller | Jean-Michel Jarre | E.S. Posthumus | Persian
Favourite Books
Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None
Favourite Games
INSIDE | Deus Ex | Oddworld | Portal 2 | Assassin's Creed II | Half-Life 2 | Prince of Persia 2 | Silent Hill 3 | Max Payne 1 | Syberia 1 [Music by Dimitri Bodiansky & Nicolas Varley]
Favourite Gaming Platform
Only! PC "Personal Computer"
Other Interests
The best song of my life is "Dancing With Mephisto". This song is in the hacked Enigma project!

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