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:icontwilightwasrightplz::iconsays3plz: I'm not the one to blame!:iconsays3eplz:
:iconapplejackuh-huhplz::iconsays3plz:Then who is! The power bill for this month is crazy! Oh right, crows got fried too.:iconsays3eplz:
:icontwilightconfusedplz::iconsays3plz: Last week I left them with princess Luna as a substitute tutor. She was supposed to teach them something about commanding and conquering. I assumed it was going to be a history lesson!:iconsays3eplz:

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Just to break from parodies and crossovers, a regular (?) comic. Enjoy.

Can you name all the episode references?

Oh hey, I like lineless backgrounds now. They could be more detailed than this but that would eat up a good deal of time. Expression repertoire extended as per usual. What do you think?


More of my pony comics here.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro

This piece by me - :icongray--day: If you want to repost this somewhere just please remember to credit me, link back here and make it outside of dA. Thank you!
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I fail to see the problem.  Can even sell the meat to carnivores and omnivores for a pretty penny!

Smell might make ponies nauseous though. =P
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Jinshu-artsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Luna,Luna,Luna-How many times have we told you NOT to teach kids that!
Stuntpony's avatar
With plate. And seasoning... /)_- For Celestia's sake, fillies, find something... NON-lethal...
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If it means not incurring the wrath of Fluttershy, I'm fine with the dress.
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The Tesla coil? Everypony retreat to a vault! :iconvaultboyplz:
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did those command and conquer lessons with Luna involve the Red Alert series from EA?
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
They should try CMC - Eldritch Summoners next time
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and Fluttershy will have a new beef with Applejack.
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Well at least we know that if Equestria goes to war it will definitly win
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LisaWolfHobbyist Photographer
Well hey, at least the Tesla Coil worked, took care of them crows.
Vinylicious-Pon-3's avatar
Vinylicious-Pon-3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh, man. XD
Nice work!!
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Sigh. That's just...brilliant;D
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Sometimes those little girls scare me.
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KatySceneProfessional Digital Artist
And the description is like...
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FeirceAngelHobbyist Artist
LOL! I liked the dress scarecrow part!
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VinnyMartelloHobbyist General Artist
The tesla coil gag was perfect.
Phycodeath's avatar
All Hail Neigh-cola Tesla !
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meiyeezhuHobbyist Traditional Artist…

Hey look, a comic dub!
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Those kids could work for Vault Tec
LisaWolf's avatar
LisaWolfHobbyist Photographer
Well, in Fallout: Equestria they did run Stable-Tec so...
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Not likely. Vault-Tec are known for being lying sacks of S*** about everything, and those three are terrible liars. The experiments, sure, but they would have to be constantly misled.
Coora's avatar
Not every one at Vault-Tec was an immoral lying douchebagel, most didn't even know about the experiments and thought they just helping humanity survive.
The CMC would simply be kept in the dark by the higher ups due to them being too moral to experiment on fellow ponies. 
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SupafoxxehHobbyist Writer

I remember that game. I always thought Yuri's Tesla coil was so messed up.
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i give you the founders of vault tech!
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