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Of Kings and Changelings - Page 8

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When Duchess Chrysalis, the patron of love, learns about the grim fate of King Sombra from the newly reformed Royal Sisters, she refuses to stand idly by as the beloved ruler of Equestria's mirror reality remains in the clutches of dark magic. But a challenging quest cannot be accomplished alone, so she enlists the aid of certain brave heroes. Can the dark forces that hold control over King Sombra be dispelled once and for all or was his sacrifice truly ultimate?


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King-Fire-Storm's avatar
King-Fire-StormHobbyist Traditional Artist
OK this princess caidens is really evil and scary 😨
Shenronn's avatar
ShenronnHobbyist General Artist
Those faces are priceless
CatWoman-cali-onyx's avatar
CatWoman-cali-onyxHobbyist General Artist
Oh boy. :o (Eek) 
swirliee's avatar
swirlieeStudent General Artist
um... EW!
Kyoshyu's avatar
KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist, shit gets real!
Cooper31's avatar
Cooper31Hobbyist General Artist
I like Cadences evil grin!:D (Big Grin) 
Godzilla278's avatar
It mirror side and her dark side

New improve queen cadence
Cooper31's avatar
Cooper31Hobbyist General Artist
She’s such a badass in this comic! B-)

Gray- -Days drawing style is badass! B-)
meh1428's avatar
the next couple of pages are gonna be sick
TheThunder-Clash's avatar
I can't wait for more!!
ShadowLDrago's avatar
If you look closely at the last panel, you can see parts of Sombra's horn turning grey again and pieces of Cadence's horn falling off.
brigth-doddles99's avatar
brigth-doddles99Hobbyist General Artist
you are right I see it too
alexwarlorn's avatar
I wonder if Celestia now regrets teaching her everything she knows. 
ShadowLDrago's avatar
Most likely, considering she's pulling a Tirek.
Mithrarin's avatar
Amazing comic, and tbh i hated the reflection arc in the idw because of the way it ended, glad to see somepony's actually fixing it, nearly the same art style too. All we need after this comic's conclusion is a way for good sombra to reunite with the original celestia *cough suggestion cough* im sure the alternate hero's can find a way...keep up the good work!
Equestriabrony's avatar
EquestriabronyStudent Digital Artist
Imagine if this evil Cadance has equestrian trixie's voice
jardape's avatar
Chrysi has strong teeth. She is able to gnaw metal.
MotownWarrior01's avatar
MotownWarrior01Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome so far
NecromancerKing85's avatar
NecromancerKing85Hobbyist Artist
Sturmlion1's avatar
Cadance has fangs! Now here is hoping Sombra gives her a quick kiss while she is on top like that.
alexwarlorn's avatar
I hope they have a plan for the next part. At least Sombra was keeping that evil in check. 
Sora200's avatar
This is really good! When's the next page coming out?
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
ShujiWakahisaaStudent General Artist
I like the effects you use they are very smooth and detailed, :3
anonymous's avatar
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