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Of Kings and Changelings - Cover
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Published: August 26, 2014
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When Duchess Chrysalis, the patron of love, learns about the grim fate of King Sombra from the newly reformed Royal Sisters, she refuses to stand idly by as the beloved ruler of Equestria's mirror reality remains in the clutches of dark magic. But a challenging quest cannot be accomplished alone, so she enlists the aid of certain brave heroes. Can the dark forces that hold control over King Sombra be dispelled once and for all or was his sacrifice truly ultimate?

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The story is set in the alternative-reality Equestria, as seen in the Reflections arc of the IDW comics. Meet the cast right below!
Main Six of the Mirror World by Pony-Berserker

The horn of Chrysalis' mirror version is actually different than shown here, a fact that I was alerted to by :iconpony-berserker: only during the inking stage. Needless to say, I didn't want to lose the heart shape effect that you can see in the near centre of the image. The characters found in the comic itself will likely follow somewhat different designs.


Of Kings and Changelings written by :iconlionel23:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
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Are you the same people who made the other comic  the Reflectionsarc of the IDW comics cause this is awesome 
QUARTERS-ONLYHobbyist General Artist
Question: How do I get good at drawing things like that?
PepperScratch's avatar
PepperScratchHobbyist Traditional Artist
i thought this was andy price at first. wow this is awesome.
pokemoncrazy2's avatar
I love how awesome this looks I can wait to read the rest 
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Their horns interlocked like that remind me of a certain red artifact that kinda created zombie aliens.
eeveeextreme's avatar
eeveeextremeStudent General Artist
Now that I've read the official mlp comics, this makes a loo ot more sense
CatWoman-cali-onyx's avatar
CatWoman-cali-onyxHobbyist General Artist
When worlds collide. :)
Saiol1000's avatar
Saiol1000Hobbyist General Artist
Alternate Trixie is not amused. :D
RainbowDashieMLPFan's avatar
RainbowDashieMLPFanStudent Digital Artist
yea i thought this comic was gonna be the two worlds meeting each other
sangenjin's avatar
This is brilliant!
DarkDabula's avatar
What a great sequel of a great comic !!!
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TP-NightHobbyist General Artist
reading this later tonight, should be a good way to finish my friday before I go to bed.. :)
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ShenronnHobbyist General Artist
One shares love while the other hoards love
NasciEquine's avatar
i'll so be reading this
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FluffyXaiHobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE what you did with the hole in the horn making a heart shape XD very cleaver.
and great art all round
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RexlareHobbyist Traditional Artist
Forgetting about the comic itself for a bit, this Comic Page is absolutely amazing. My favorite part undoubtedly has to be the Two Chrysalis's.

On the left is the Queen of Hordes in all her feral beauty. Her expression shows of a Warrior-like rage that is scary to look upon. The thing that stands out to me is her mane, and how the lines in it look so messy and almost looks like the patterns in a Xenomorph hive (funny because they're both horde based species.) 

And on the right is just an even cuter version of chrysalis. That adoring smile of hers is just too charming to handle. And like her mirror version, her hair is lined to look like what she is. Curved and orderly. Also those little hearts on her horn, combined with her glasses just makes her all the more adorable.

This is just as much a cover page as it is a stand alone portrait of pure awesome.
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3dtiloProfessional Digital Artist
How many pages are left to do?
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Gray--DayHobbyist Digital Artist
Three pages left! The story is drawing towards an interesting conclusion. :)
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Can I send this comic to other website?I will mark your name before sending.  
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Gray--DayHobbyist Digital Artist
As long as you link back to me here, I have no objections. I'd in fact appreciate it. :) Would you show me the website as well?
dragonblue900's avatar
of course!thanks!here is the website:      it's a chiness social website
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Gray--DayHobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds great, thank you. Always happy to reach more readers. :)
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