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Poor Discord! How will he ever regain the trust of everypony around him? You just gotta understand his situation! I mean, I would've instantly betrayed any of you for even the most vague promise of power too! That is, uh, I'm the most trusted and loyal friend you could ever find. :D Well technically, Tirek tricked him into thinking that true friendship isn't worth the sacrifice of working hard to become a better person. And, to be honest, Discord was being constantly and openly shown distrust from the mane six, following his reformation. With the exception of Fluttershy. That couldn't help root the opposite belief too deeply in him. And yet he did direct their attention to the chest and left hints regarding how to open it. I'd love to see this conflict (and Discord's potential redemption) explored more thoroughly in the next season.


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fyre-byrdHobbyist Digital Artist
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Your incident he not sitting here
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be nice to discord
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Mojowuq9Hobbyist Artist
I wonder if Harmony itself thinks he's a douchebag? Nah.
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After seeing what the tree did to Chrysalis's copies of the Mane Six, this is quite in character.
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AuttumntheGuardianStudent Artist
In a world full of harmony and friendship... There's no room for Discord and his chaos.

Get in the chair.

The world demands it.
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Pah, They always get the concept of harmony wrong. That tree is not an avatar of harmony but of order.
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AuttumntheGuardianStudent Artist
Yep! As said in the comic "Acord".

you read it?
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No, I did not. But I am an avid PnP player and intimately familiar with the DnD alignment chart. Which I think is pretty much THE standard for describing the alignment of characters (and more). 

Its so wonderfully convenient and also, as most people making more fiction are big Nerds, often used in some way, shape or form in a lot of fiction, at lest as a help while writing.
It also very easily shows you how characters are actually aligned despite what they say.

In MLP as our example, Celestia would be Lawful Good. The Crystal tree would actually be a Lawful Neutral entity. It also gives you an idea why Discord acts as he does. As a Chaotic entity he slips into the Chaotic evil to spread more chaos as Order is so extremely dominant there.

True harmony lies in the middle. Neither to chaotic nor to orderly, and not good or bad. Another interesting quirk is that depending on how you look at something It can have a different alignment. On a personal scale Discord is Chaotic Evil but he is actually Chaotic Neutral. The Empire from Star Wars is a Lawful Evil but the Sith leading it is Chaotic Evil. And not all may be as it seems. A Dalek from Doctor who may seem like Lawful Evil, but is actually one of the most Chaotic Evil Things out there.
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AuttumntheGuardianStudent Artist
You almost lost me since how long ago my comment was but i see your points. I'm still a little lost but i think i understand what you're trying to say.
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reminds me of an old cartoon, "the house of the future" or something like that: "this chair can adjust itself to accommodate any member of the family: tall, short, and...the mother-in-law."
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makaroscHobbyist Writer

My oc is not happy with his brother and he's scary
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I think the trees is less pleased than the Equestrians are.
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Artistic-ScribblesHobbyist Digital Artist
Why you no use your own magic to create your own throne?!?!?!?!
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XxEchofromthemistxXStudent Traditional Artist
Discord (angry) plz : You sure the TREE made it?

MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy : Yes....


Luna Yelling icon : OK!
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not enough spikes!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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SweetiePaulStudent Filmographer
It might be too much of an honor for him... he might want a less classy throne... Like Celestia's!

Discord: Discord rules Celestia Drools!
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furrykeoHobbyist General Artist
It could be worse, Discord could be forced to watch a marathon of... jeeze I can't think of any shows bad enough to torture him.
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greenleafy1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz twilight: the tree wants you dead. 
Discord (angry) plz discord: are you sure you didn't make that throne? 
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The chair is perfect for him! He can tangle himself around the spikes without falling off and it comes complete with a horn-dryer. 
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BeatrixGHobbyist General Artist
A God of Chaos needs his Chair of Chaos.
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GryphoniaHobbyist General Artist
Hmmmmmm...dat tree got a sense of humor...or a sense of justice, who knows. Lol XD
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Until we get an official body count for Discord's original Reign of Terror, I'd say justice has nothing to do with it. Whatever Discord did do, Conscious Petrification is one of the quintessential fates worse than death.
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