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Cutie Senses Tingling

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Caution: magical butt massages are highly addictive. Always consult your physician before conducting any arcane rump relaxation activities.

AJ's reaction at the end of the second episode spawned this idea. What can I say, cutie mark magic.
Heheh. Ehhhh... I'm going to hell for this one, aren't I.

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I've seen someone else make this joke, and it's funny here too.
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rautamiekkaStudent Artist
Do you even approve of a translation ? The translation itself is very quickly done, the actual work is editing the bubbles.

I'd prefer to get your explicit approval than an implicit one.

And while you're at it, could you tell me what font did you use, please ?

While I'm still here, I figured I should give some clarifying: when I publish, you'll get your full credit for the comic, I just take mine for the translation. I know it's important to not have much of a distraction in the comic, so I'll make the "stamp" of credit of mine in the bottom right corner of the page as small as possible while making it readable. If you have anything to say, go ahead. I'm sure my terms are very fair for both of us but I'm open for discussion.
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KMXcelr8Student Traditional Artist
Ever hear of a Dildo, AJ? Or a Stallion? Lol!
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Anime-94Hobbyist Artist
I'm going to take a guess and say that she's just to hard-working and/or stubborn for that.
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rautamiekkaStudent Artist
I'll see about Finnish translation.
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Which joke to use...
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Yeesh Applejack! ever heard of a vibrator?
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Twilight Sparkle Jaw Drop Wait what! Applejack thats not what its for!!!

AppleJack stare Come on Twilight don't tell meh you haven't thought about it

Twilight (Nervous grin) Plz Eheheh Maybe

love this keep up the good work
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Applejack you nasty little horse x3
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Just goes to show you you can get addicted to the STRANGES things.
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What was it?
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CrazyGraeHawkatooStudent General Artist
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EvolvedParaSpriteStudent Traditional Artist
*George Takei voice* Oh myyyyyyy
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nyanpheonix101 General Artist
That's kinda silly

...To be honest ;b
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Gray--DayHobbyist Digital Artist
Then my work here is done!
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SeekerPartyStudent Photographer
wow wow lol
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Irken-Pony1117Hobbyist Digital Artist
The fact that then say it Vibrates...makes things go next level for this show. :lol: 
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FunnyBoneSansHobbyist Digital Artist
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KatySceneProfessional Digital Artist
Great cutie senses come with great responsibility.
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ijustloveit619Student Digital Artist
In my opinion it doesn't feel of anything at all :I

So far the strongest evidence I have is fluttershy not giving a buck about it in the episode S5E23 The Hooffields and McColts
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