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Springtrap And Deliah (Page 1)

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Springtrap and Deliah (Page 2) by GraWolfQuinn
THIS IS AN UPDATED PAGE as of December 22nd 2017! Here is the original version from January 5th!: 
Springtrap and Deliah Page 1 Original by GraWolfQuinn

This comic is SUPER non-canon and is not meant to be canon in any way! It's taking a fun premise and running with it, and the idea was made long before SL or even the book arrived and revealed the identity(ies) of the Purple Guy, so Springtrap is NOT either William Afton or Michael Afton. This is all about just having a bit of fun! Take this into consideration before commenting, thank you <3~!
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FuntimeFaithNew Deviant

I’ve honestly read this probably about 5-6 times over the years, I love it just as much each time. <3

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And this, ladies and gents, is where all the creepy magic began

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ArtNinja1234lStudent Artisan Crafter

I love this story that I read it 3 times!!

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Greyarts69Hobbyist Digital Artist

hes a cute fluffy bunny standing in the dark behind you with a creepy smile

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M00nl1ghNew Deviant

He’s not cute luv 😻💅💅💅

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Omg i‘m back to where the dream started!

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❤️I love this Comics so much. Just think that the end is pretty open. I would like to know how it continued in both cases 😅. Good job.❤️

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Dethnite256Hobbyist Digital Artist


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MCDogWarriorHobbyist Digital Artist


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XxUnfIxaBl3xXHobbyist Traditional Artist
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GamerSylviaStudent Filmographer
Oh she fucked
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Okay now that we're nearing the end of SaD I'm mangatranslating each page
Panel 3: ああ (A)
Panel 4: クレアック (Kureakku)
Panel 5: ヘイ (Hei)
Panel 6: お父さん? (Otosan?)
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Are you just using Google Translate? or do you know what your talking about...

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SierraLikesPieHobbyist Digital Artist
mkay then
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Does Sierra like pie

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bloo-berry-wovs-papyHobbyist Traditional Artist
i think sierra does like pie
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Jackfrost-300-truefrHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is cool this is the first time I've read this comic
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I always like coming back to this comic series every few months, this is awesome
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Kaito4lifeStudent Artist
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A big golden animatronic bunny that is fully sentient that came from a haunted pizzeria that burned down, in a time that is not known for this technology, hmm, doesn't that seem suspicious?
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TinySoul581Hobbyist Digital Artist
If his soul is able to be in a animatronic, I think its safe to say time travel is to!
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I guess they invented it faster ._.

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i don't remember posting this woah

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