Star Wars: Jedi of the Force

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Star Wars:

Jedi of the Force

By: John Michael Miller

Chapter: 1

“What do you
propose we do my master?” the young and ambitious jedi padawan
inquires. “We wait and let the force guide us.” He
responds serenely. Nested and hidden on the outskirts of the city of
Oppa Unon, Jedi Master Oris Kundi and his padawan Korriban Veld were
summoned to investigate a disturbance reported by one of the
officials on the planet. “Do you really think it could be a
sith master?”Korriban looks at his master thoughtfully. Kundi
stands from his crouched position to stretch his legs and take
another look at the black colored desert scenery. The winds blew the
ebony colored sand in beautiful patterns into the purple tinted sky
and the white and yellow sun gave a strange yet comfortable light to
the scene. Oris makes an attempt to stretch out with the force to
gather better knowledge of the planet and its inhabitants on the
planet. However, this proves futile to the middle aged jedi master.
“I don’t know what to think Korriban,” Oris turns
to face his padawan. “The force is not as strong with me as it
is with you. What do you sense?” Oris’ face was kind, yet
had signs of age and youth at the same time. “I sense fear.”
Korriban too rises to behold the beautifully bizarre scene. It didn’t
take long for Korriban to sense it. As a matter of fact, he had felt
it all along, since they had made contact with the planet. “You’re
going to make a great jedi knight my young one.” Oris says
putting one arm around his padawans shoulders. Suddenly, the
indistinctive sound of a sand speeder approaches the two jedi hiding
among one of the many black rock formations found in the desert.
Alerted the two jedi reach for their lightsabers. Oris peaks around
the corner of one of the massive boulder to see a silver and orange
sand speeder with a figure clothed in a sliver cloak and wearing
piece of cloth over their face. Oris sighs in relief at the sight of
the strange alien. Oris steps out and greets the strange being
kindly. Besides the cloak covering most of their body the alien had a
dark brown face with four large circular eyes and a tail. He stood
four inches and had three very large fingers. He made a face
expression in which Korriban interpreted to be a smile. He watched
from the rocks as his master and the alien conversed. The hood of his
jedi robes hid his face along with the shadow from tall rock
formation. Korriban felt too many things at once. Voices that weren’t
his obstructed his better nature and disturbed his connection to the
force. So lost in thought Korriban failed to realize that his master
was motioning him to toward him. Oris calling his padawan’s
name caught Korriban’s attention finally. Korriban quickly
walks toward his master and the alien creature. Oris with a smile on
his face says “Korribann, this is a good friend of mine, Supri
Pruasity. He is the official who called us.” Korriban bows
respectfully at the Supri. “I hear you are quite the jedi.”
Supri says. “I like to remain of modest composition.”
Korriban responds. “A superb jedi you will become indeed.”
Supri says with a smile.  Purple and white lightning races through
the black clouds over the dark desert then explode into huge burst of
light and heat, felt even by the two jedi and alien official. “You
must come with me my friends.” I can’t begin to explain
how dangerous it is to be out here when it storms.” Several
more scars of light tear open the sky and burst like Tarkan oil
illuminating the darkening sky. Oris and his young padawan board the
cramped speeder. They eventually come within sights of a city with
simple buildings and a ten foot city wall made of the same black sand
that resides everywhere else on the planet. Four guards of the same
alien race as Supri stop the sand speeder and question him. Upon
Supri telling the guards that Korriban and Oris are the jedi sent to
destroy the lurking sith, the guards immediately let them in.

The city is both alive
and dead at the same time. Fear clouds their hearts and minds. It is
clear that a sith is near and his presence is causing a suffering
among the natives. Can they too sense his presence like he could?
Korriban’s thoughts abused him as they rode through the black
dusty streets of Oppa Unon. Finally, the three arrived to a hotel
where Oris presumed they would be staying in. Korriban observed the
city and its inhabitants. “They don’t trust us.”
Korriban said to himself. “They’re afraid of us.”
He noticed that not a single specimen looked at his face or dark
brown jedi garments. Rather all of their eyes fell upon the luster
golden silver cylinder weapon latched onto his belt hilt. Covering
his lightsaber with his robe Korriban cautiously walks into the hotel
where his master and Supri are making reservations. The main lobby of
the hotel is nothing like the black hardened outside. The inside
instead is much more sophisticated and attractive. The interior
walls, instead of being black are painted gold and heated to give it
a glassy look. Korriban had also misjudged the exterior of the city
for being techless and primitive, but all the latest tech was
available within the hotel. The only thing the hotel did not
accommodate for was an elevator. Korriban eyed the glassy stairs and
was secretly grateful that they hadn’t brought much luggage to
this planet. Oris walked up to his padawan. “Might I ask of you
to fly our ship into the city at one of the ports and bring our
belongings as well?” “Of course master.” Korriban
replied neutrally. Oris smiles genuinely at his padawan then turns to
look at rooms with Pruasity.

Korriban scouts the city
for a nearby vender selling scooters. Upon finding one he suddenly
feels a tugging on his robes and looks behind him to see a young
Vyuoi (alien species occupying the planet). He kneels down and smiles
warmly at the frightened looking child. “Are you a jedi? Are
you here to save my mommy and daddy?” the child asks. “Yes,
I’m here to save you, your mommy, your daddy, and everyone else
on your planet.” Korriban says with a laugh while rubbing the
top of the child’s head. Oris smiles, seeing his padawan from a
distance. Then without warning a teenage Vyuoi runs swiftly past
Korriban snatching his lightsaber as well. Stretching out with the
force Korriban is able to pull his lightsaber out of the delinquents
hand and back into its rightful owner’s hand. Korriban then
purchases the best speeder the vender had to offer and treads for the
jedi cruiser. The cruiser gleamed under the light of the now three
suns in the sky. One being red, the other being green, and the third
and smallest, still a white and yellow. The clouds had dispersed and
the lightning was gone. Korriban, upon seeing the cruiser still
intact was relieved, he was afraid that its new metal exterior and
sleek designs would attract thieves. However, the jedi cruiser had
attracted the attention of someone. A figure in black robes and black
hood was inspecting the cruiser from head to toe. “Hey!”
Korriban yelled. The figure quickly turns around followed with the
snap hiss of an activated lightsaber. The crimson glow told Korriban
exactly what he was, sith. Korriban becomes a blur as his leaps from
his scooter, igniting his sky blue lightsaber in mid-air, and landing
ten feet in front of the sith. The sith, with aggressive velocity and
speed, attacks Korriban Veld. A slashing attack to the side of the
neck, sweeping strike to the knees, and strike combo proves nothing
to Korriban’s advanced defense maneuvers. Anger builds up in
the sith and his attacks become much more ferocious and fast paced.
Much like the lightning of earlier the lights blur and explode upon
impact, causing the night to become day then night again. Suddenly in
a burst of rage the sith uses the dark side of the force to push his
adversary into the towering rocks and furthermore electrocutes
Korriban. Then calling upon the force he brings the tower of boulders
coupled together upon a dismantled Korriban. Calling upon the last
bit of energy from the force as he could, Korriban redirects the
direction the boulders fall keeping them from falling on him and
cloaks his presence in the force to make the sith believe he is dead
truly. The sith, satisfied with his deeds brings out his comlink and
the holographic image of a sith lord displays upon it. “My
master one of the jedi are dead.” The apprentice says to his
master. “Good.” Replies the sith lord over the
holographic comlink. “One down, one to go, do not fail me like
your brother did my apprentice.” He said threateningly. With
that the hologram disappears into the device just as mysteriously as
he had appeared. Then summoning a great deal of force energy, the
sith apprentice launches himself into the dark blue and purple sky
separating himself from the “dead” jedi.

Moments past before
Korriban’s brain and body wake from their mandatory sleep. The
vast black desert was even darker due to the setting of the suns and
the rise of the fairly distant yet sufficient pale moon. The winds
had ceased, as did the beautiful patterns in the sky that it created
while dancing with the lustful and mysterious black sand. The cruiser
still stood like a magnificent soldier, the moon giving it an eerie
yet heroic feel and look. Korriban boarded his life-long fighting
companion cautiously. He no longer sensed the sith’s presence,
but experience taught him to always make sure. Finally reaching the
cockpit, Korriban straps himself in and performs all the necessary
procedures to get the ship started.

Meanwhile, a worried Oris
awaits for his padawans return alongside Supri and a female Vyuoi
named Kondis. The port on which they stood on was lit in hopes that
Korriban would appear at any moment. “Perhaps he landed at
another port and is at the hotel waiting for us.” Kondis
suggested. Oris keeps his gaze set on the desert scenery before him.
“My padawan is exceptionally strong in the force.” Oris
said turning around. “He will find his way back safely. Come
let us go.” The three make their way off the platform and back
to the hotel. The city is much different at night. Instead of it
being dead and alive, it’s just dead. Everyone is indoors, the
lights off, and doors shut. The few people out appear to be shady and
up to no good. A slow sigh spurs from the lips of Supri as he too
notices the change in his community. “It wasn’t always
like this you know.” He says with burden and sorrow. “We
use to be a people of pride, happiness, and culture. Now we’ve
been reduced to shame, scum, and villainy.” He turns to Oris.
“The sith did this, I know he did. Promise me you will destroy
him.” Supri was obviously drained. Putting a firm and
supportive hand over his friends shoulder, “You have my word.”
He says with a reassuring smile.

arrives no sooner than midnight. “Master is gonna kill me!”
he says to himself. In a hurry Korriban lands the cruiser taking up
to landing ports. The air is cool and darkness clouds the street like
a snake coiled around its prey sucking the life dry from the species.
Korriban is immediately drained of energy and life upon the opening
of the back entrance of the cruiser. The dark side of the force looms
over the city. Out of time and out of options, Korriban shakes off
the sudden nauseous feeling and makes a dash to the hotel. His dash
however, is short lived and he stops by a corner shop to gain
himself. Upon reaching the hotel and only a few yards from the front
door, relief and satisfaction pours like hot cocoa through his cold,
depressing veins. Numb from his recent battle and exhausted state,
Korriban fails to sense or notice a gang of Vyuoi thugs coming up to
him from behind. “Now!” the words served as a catalyst
that awoke Korriban from the inside. One out of the four thugs takes
a wild swing, aiming for the back of Korriban’s head. Missing
miserably the snap hiss of a lightsaber and the soft blue glow was
more than enough to scare the wanna-be thugs back into the shadows.

A young jedi of the force with a mysterious past and even more uncertain future seems to have no time to himself, protecting the galaxy from a sith fate. Almost 1000 years after Order 66 and the jedi order is as strong as ever, but how much longer will it last, and who will bring it and the new Republic to its knees?
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