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After years of trying to get the book finished and published, it is finally a reality. 

Different from a standard comic, this is printed as a series of 6"x9"cards that can be read as separate "pages" or pieced together like a puzzle to form a giant poster-sized comic! 

The story of the Tethermen is about a small group of "Tethers" who can travel through the dreams of others and effect the real world through those dreams. But, there is a darkness coming that is trying to rule over the dreamscape... Our only hope is in the hands of a young boy. 

On the back of these cards is a separate set of stories called, "The Kings of Stone." These are short one-page tales that blur the lines between fact and fiction to tell adventurous stories centered around the drawings of ancient statues from around the world.

Holding these cards together are individually hand-stamped sleeves.

They are available to purchase online at the following link:…
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After a long wait, the Tethermen comic is finally ready to make it's debut... Well, at least it will be ready if I can hit my funding on The book is now up on their website with some nice incentives for original sketches and pieces of art. 

What makes this book unique isn't just the story and art, but also the format. When you pick it up off the shelves, it looks like a standard book, but when you open it, it unfolds into a large poster-size comic sheet. Think of it like unfolding a map from your car's glovebox... 

Please take a look and if you are interested, make pledge and we can get this book out and in your hands by April.

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My Tethermen comic, which has been in the works forever is finally on the way this late summer... Planning to do a drive for it in the next month or so. Stay tuned...
I'm done with my latest comic project, The Tethermen, but am waiting for my collaborator to finish his half of the book... So in the meantime, I decided to take a number of the individual drawings that are in my comic and print them on Watercolor paper and then do one-of-a-kind watercolor washes over those prints. I think they turned out pretty cool (See Gallery). If you are interested in purchasing one, they are available at the following link:
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I am very excited to have one of my designs/illustrations on display at La Cinémathèque française museum in Paris, France. The exhibition is all about filmmaker Stanley Kurick and his films. My contribution is part of an on-line series of works that are influenced by his great films. And the way the museum found my work is right here on DeviantArt... Pretty cool.

Check out the link below to view my piece and the other artists renditions of Kubrick's movies. There are some brilliant designs in there...…
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My latest comic project, which I've been at for almost 2 years now is still moving forward... Just slower than expected. The format is such that every change in panel arrangement or colors affects the entire sheet and it thus causing some slow-downs. Especially since I've been changing my mind on things so much. I would say I'm now 75% done with the whole thing, so the light is certainly now seen at the end of the tunnel. My hope is to have it all done and printed by the summer CON season. Stay tunes for sneak peeks of the panels coming soon...
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Over the last couple months, I've begun working in earnest my next original comic project. I'm reluctant to reveal too much, but I can say that it takes place within people's dreams and nightmares. The story will be called The TetherMen.

Traditionally I only work in short stories... very short, but with this one I think there is a much larger story to tell. Although I plan to tell it in a number of short stories that will stitch together to form a large narrative. I'm also playing around with format yet again. For all of the comic projects I've done for myself, not one of them has been a traditional comic shape and size, and this one keeps that spirit alive.

More to come in the next few months, as I get closer to completion, but in the meantime I did post a single line drawing from one of the panels.
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Just finished and posted a new cover for Bluewater Comics... It's an image of David Beckham for a biography comic of him that they are producing. Also working on a new cover for a book from Transfuzion Comics. Glad to be working on comics stuff, but need to get back to my own original comic that I am hoping to finalize by summer...
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Just watched the latest Doctor Who Special, Waters of Mars, this week and after seeing it felt compelled to put together a little story idea to fill the gap between this Special and the next one... FOr you Doctor Who fans, take a look at the page I've posted and let me know what you think...
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Lots of attention appears to be hitting a a book I helped with for Bluewater Comics called "Female Force: Stephenie Meyer". It's a biography comic about the woman who wrote the Twilight novels... I did an alternate cover (which is posted to my deviations) and then did the art for a 6 page interior story about the history of the town of Forks, WA, where the novels take place. That story is only going to be published in the "Deluxe Edition" of the book. (It's even covered on MTV's website... which is pretty cool.)
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After about 9 months of working with Bluewater COmics and producing 17 covers and 6 interior pages, my first published work by them is hitting the shelves of your local comic store today... Warlock #1. I only did the alternate cover for this issue, but finally a published piece! After this, there will be the rest of the Warlock mini-series and the trade paperback cover for this series. In the middle of that, I also did the intro/outro pages of issue #9 of their Vincent Price Presents book.

They/We have so many crazy-cool projects in the pipeline, but I can't share yet. Cool stuff coming though, so stay tuned.
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I've been hinting on here and to friends that I had some real comic work coming... Well, the first of what is hopefully many projects is official and I can finally post. Just posted is the cover to the first issue of WARLOCK for Bluewater Comics, which I'll be providing alternate covers for. Pretty excited to finally have one of these projects see the light of day. I have a few other real big cover illustration projects with them as well, so hopefully those will be green-lit soon, so I can share.
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Been a while since I added some things, so I just went thru and uploaded a handful of new things I've been working on this summer. A few design exercises and finally got around to finishing my 3 part Submersive comic strip. It's just meant to be a little time twist story like the short ones that use to be in 2000AD.

I have a few big comic projects that are coming, and I'm dying to share, but need to keep a lid on it unitl everything is official. But I can say that I will be the cover artist for a handful of issues of a major comic coming out later in the year or early 2009. I'll post as soon as I can!
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Can't wait to break out the shorts and start seeing the sun! Been busy working on the latest comic story and a little side design project with a co-worker and friends. It's called the AM Design Challenge and we're coming up with a fresh challenge every Monday to try and do work that's outside our everyday Ad Agency workflow... Check it out here:…
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Love the idea of everyone on deviant doing their own interpretations of this poster, using the same source material... Great idea.

For mine, I tried to do my usual illustrative style, and clean design to hopefully create a striking rendition of Johnny Depp that portrayed the inner demon of the character.
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WHen I was a kid, Hammerhead was always a bathtub favorite, but since then, I haven't had much to use for the character. Then in the Clone Wars cartoons from a few years back, there was a super cool sequence with a Hammerhead Jedi flying around and taking on Grevious. When may pals :iconrobbvision: and :iconhaaspodge: started sparring off with Star Wars drawings, I felt the need to do one myself.
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Finally got the second installment of the web strip I'm doing done... Part one was done in time to show people at the Chicago WizardWorld in August, and assumed I would be able to plow thru the next two fairly quickly, but oh well. One more to go, with a goal of finishing it before Thanksgiving, so i can start the next project right after...
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