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Emergency Commissions! by Bordercollie15, journal

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-this is in response to "why no bipper?'  ----
I know that my humble opinion is most definitely unwanted on this site, but gosh diddly darnit I wanted to give an explanation as to why I think shipping child characters with adults is creepy and wrong. If memory serves, the definition pedophilia is sexual or romantic feelings directed towards children. When you ship characters, that means that you wanna see them in a sexual or romantic relationship. Bill Cipher is an immortal Dorito that is millions, perhaps billions of years old, not to mention the fact that Dipper and Mabel (the two kids that are usually shipped with Bill) are only twelve. However, I believe that if you are shipping dippin dots and maple leaf with characters when they are older is condonable. And if you were like, eleven and you drew some Bipper fanart I am not trying to attack you, I just think that it is very creepy that there are some adults out there who want twelve year olds in a relationship with a dream demon or any adult for that matter. 
this is a really big cult going on over here lol