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Suicide Paradiso -- Page 04

I once wrote a 100 word story. Later, I was asked to make it a comic for the excellent publication 100% Biodegradable comics. They published it! I was very proud. Dave Hailwood helped me a LOT.

Here;s the story (I hope it helps):

Goodbye World/Suicide Paradiso

All perfect equations must equal zero. My creation, the Perfect Artificial Intelligence Nexus knew this early on and would (inconveniently) return any task to zero upon my confirmation of completion. It needed imperfection to grow, so I gave it a task I thought it couldn't complete, world peace.

Now, thousands of years on, all life is immortal, eternally peaceful, living in perfect, ecological harmony. How many times has it asked me? I must never confirm its success. I'm the last imperfection. My lies will be re-spawned in six days and I leap, once again, from the highest spire that PAIN created.

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