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Dashing in the canyons

Learning to use perspective... My first try with it, so there can be flaws and errors. I like the result anyway.

Done with Inkscape.

Updated: Made slight fixes for water and rainbow's perspective.

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ktownjeff's avatar
love the depth and perspective on this man.
GingerBeez's avatar
this reminded me of Dragon Tales haha. love it! :D
mekens's avatar
Nyan cat was flying here :)
SPINO495's avatar
Just subtle enough....
bungeous's avatar
Lovely job! I like this ^^
Smudge-Proof's avatar
So surreal, yet makes perfect sense... I find it quite a refreshing take on Dash.
PhantomBadger's avatar
Great Job, I love atmospheric stuff like this <3
TheMultiCaster's avatar
One of the finest Rainbow desktops out there.

Great work! :iconrainbowdashlaplz:
TheKrazyCookie's avatar
I really like this. It's a unique style of a wallpaper. I do have to ask... did you happen to take inspiration from Battlefield 3? Cause the style looks very similar. :D
GraviousMaks's avatar
I played BF3 a lot about half a year ago and even made a comic about it... But this time I didn't take inspiration from there (though it might have some influence, of course). The original idea for this picture was quite different from what I got here, but I'm still very happy with the result :)
anzul's avatar
oooh neat wallpaper :D

the perspective is fine, but that river looks plain :)
Dragonknight575's avatar
Very nice work, specially how well you used the rule of thirds for this. >w>
CrowleysPyramid's avatar
I'm now hearing 'Flight of the Valkyries' echoing from somewhere far, far in the distance...
nuazka's avatar
New wallpaper?

blackdragonthebad's avatar
"Done with Inkscape"

Yeah, I believe you.
Mick-o-Maikeru's avatar
I really like the lighting.
VladymyrSH's avatar
Отличная работа. Симпатично выглядит.
Infinitoa's avatar
Very nice! Are you planning on uploading the .svg?
NicolasDominique's avatar
Nicely done - screenshot quality :)
Sinamuna's avatar
Cooooool... o.o I love it. New wallpaper?
gdpr-16812140's avatar
Мне кажется угол радуги должен быть ниже. Слишком высоко пошла в удаленной перспективе.
GraviousMaks's avatar
Ага, ты прав... Переделаю.
Number14's avatar
да, пожалуй чуточку ниже нужно.
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