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Welcome Back

Re-learning how to draw. Photo study from reference, don't remember from where.

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you advance very well with your re-learning process, as I can see! :) I like your "powerful" brush strokes, beautiful pic.
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Thanks! I like trying for the photo-realistic but also try to keep a painterly quality to it, so it's just a matter of finding the right balance to both
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yse, this is what I miss from most of the photo-realistic paintings, you got the perfect balance here I think.
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Really nice! She looks like Naomi Watts :love:
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I've always been impressed by your stuff man, good work on this. That's a very impressive result for 7-8 hours.
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Nice. I definitely need to follow your example and do more referenced drawings.
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O hi, welcome back :) I think I like the hair most in this pic.
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Yes the hair turned out quite nicely
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Very nice :) I really like her elbows for some reason o_O how odd. Anyways, nice to see something a bit different from you!
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