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Started off as a quick sketch but I kept working on it. I've always been notoriously bad with color in my art, so I tried to really push the color scheme in this one, just to see if I could learn anything. I forced myself to not use any reference or pre-existing palettes whatsoever. I'll be doing more of these, it was a lot of fun

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Very realistic.
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i like the lighting, and the color shceme, it comes together veyr nicely.
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this is really pretty and the colors are very vibrant :love:
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This is the ideal painting style to me. I'd love to paint like this.
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Absolutely gorgeous! The colors and the lighting are stunning!
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you did a great job on this! I like how you play with the shadows and lights, especially on her clothes, nice colors.
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Wow! Love the colors -- and lighting!
Only 4 hours? ^^ thats pretty short time considering how well the result turned out <33
(probably would have taken me [what would feel like] forever xD)
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The colours on this are so lovely!!
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I adore the colors in this. your technique is also beautiful. :heart: wonderful job
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Really amazing work, I love the use of green here =)
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Always welcome ^__^
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I just looove her cyan lips! And the whole picture!!!
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Exceptional! Sexy and fun!
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