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A commission for *Nadda, who is probably the best commissioner of all time

This is her character Faye from her graphic novel Amya, which you can check out here. They have a really awesome thing going on, I highly recommend that you give it a look

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What makes a good commissioner? Just wondering. :)
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Lots and lots of patience in this case, haha
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Very nice from the frilly thing up. The rest looks unfinished.

The wallpaper's good.

The bedsheets work, but the pattern used is it too flat, it doesn't bend with the sheets. This is the sort of thing I see in a lot of artwork though, and it's less noticeable here than usual. You could try painting your pattern, copy it to a few separate layers, skew and rotate each pattern layer by a random amount, paint your highlights in another layer on top, then select shapes from the highlights you've drawn and pull the pattern for each shape from a different pattern layer and put it in a layer below your highlights.

Waist and hips seem a bit off. Tapers too slowly as you move up, looks a bit more male than it should.

Is she supposed to be wearing some sort of leotard gloves? The skin colour on her arms is completely different from the rest of her.

Anyway, I like it, but it looks like you might've been a bit rushed.
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I appreciate the detailed feedback, thanks.

Yeah she's wearing arm-length gloves. And I do admit, the bottom half was done a bit more...swiftly...than the top half.
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I saw this on the Amya website. Very beautiful. I love the shading on her hair and face.
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Wow... so this is *real* artwork.... O__O

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Lovely work!
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I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but I love the way you blend skin tones. SUPAH NICE.
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Awesome, as always ;)
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