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Ashe Thinks You Kinda Rock

This is about as close as we'll get to Ashe's approval.

The first major project of my REVIZE 2009 series, where I go back through my gallery to finish old works that were never completed—or in this case, not completed to a satisfactory level.

During the summer of 2008, I was experimenting with different styles and decided to try an illustration without relying on my usual heavy outlines. The work Ashe Thinks You Suck is what came of that.

It turned out great for the most part, but I was never completely satisfied with her figure, and particularly her head and face. However, my need for Ashe fan art was satisfied for the time being, and I never really looked back after its submission. I surprised myself, then, when 'Ashe Thinks You Suck' became the first old work that I wanted to take on for this series.

I've made countless changes from the original, but the most obvious is the removal of shameless advertising for my now-deceased website, FF-ILLUMINA.NET. The shading has been cleaned up extensively. Her figure is also heavily modified to better proportions, and alas, her face is finally at a quality that I'm pleased with.

The book she is holding is particularly interesting, as I've managed to include—and write about—several of my Ashe-related works from the past, including the original version of this illustration. It sure makes a hell of a lot more sense than that blank black-paged book she used to hold.

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Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Beautiful.  The smooth application of colors, shadows, and lighting makes her glow.  There's also a nice balance between warm and cool colors too.  Plus, the amount of details on the subject and the background are perfect.
XxRoxasPrincessxX's avatar
This is my favorite picture of Ashe still and always will be!
SaintOfTheDragons's avatar
I really love the facial expression. That seems to be the most prominent part of the picture.
SigillumDeiAemeth's avatar
Well I would like to put my ROCK hard cock in her! lol
SaintOfTheDragons's avatar
Please keep it to yourself.
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griever8's avatar
great, really loved the art
Kumaxter's avatar
Hollow-nyan's avatar
Up-Magic's avatar
think everything turned out fine, i remember seeing this before -- glad I found it again!
KaiserPrime's avatar
Aww! I love the face she makes! :clap: Faved!
Missoda's avatar
MrMyrvang's avatar
Loving this! :D May I ask what brushes you used in painter?
Gravija-Sunrise's avatar
I think it was mainly the basic Tinting brush, with a little Just Add Water blender
BlueRoseLeaf's avatar
LOOKS. AMAZING!!! *0*;; do your other works! ^_____^ :heart:
OverOneHundred's avatar
Woah! awesome works very impressive.[link]
Ftakke's avatar
Simply amazing: the expression on her face, the pose, background... everything! ;)
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