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:bulletyellow: Jul. 2010 Topical Feature #13: the Gatekeepers
:bulletyellow: Nov. 2009 Topical Feature #12: Sorrow - part 1
:bulletyellow: Nov. 2009 Topical Feature #12: Sorrow - part 2
:bulletyellow: Aug. 2009 Topical Feature #11: Green
:bulletyellow: May 2009 Topical Feature #10: Doors & Gates
:bulletyellow: Apr. 2009 Topical Feature #09: The Soldier's Plot
:bulletyellow: Mar. 2009 Topical Feature #08: Diptych, Triptych
:bulletyellow: Feb. 2009 Topical Feature #07: Fire
:bulletyellow: Jan. 2009 Topical Feature #06: Snow
:bulletyellow: Nov. 2008 Topical Feature #05: Ivy
:bulletyellow: Oct. 2008 Topical Feature #04: Red
:bulletyellow: Sep. 2008 Topical Feature #03: Cats
:bulletyellow: Aug. 2008 Topical Feature #02: Bucolic
:bulletyellow: Jul. 2008 Topical Feature #01: Sunset

:bulletred: Jun. 2008 Gravewalkers celebrates its 4th anniversary
:bulletred: Mar. 2008 Gravewalkers has hit the 250th member mark!
:bulletred: Feb. 2008 Gravewalkers features its members again
:bulletred: Oct. 2007 Gravewalkers club is back from the dead!


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Former Founders & Admins

Founders: dakazi

Admins: pamwitch // perception-obscure




:groups: How to Join

1. Click on the icon 'Join our Group'. Your request will be automatically accepted and a confirmation message will show up in your message box.

2. Add us to your watchlist.

3. Display the club's avatar/username in your journal or group section tab.

:groups: How to Submit Art

Only members can submit art to the club.

1. Click on the icon 'Contribute Art'. Select the artwork in your gallery.

2. Members can send 1 work per week. You will receive a message once your submission has been accepted.

3. Submissions - whatever their media - must be cemetery related. Submissions with human elements will be considered on a case by case basis. Stock images are not accepted.
Please keep in mind that gravewalkers is neither a dark nor gothic club.

:new: How to Submit a Blog Entry :new:

Do you want to share with us your stories about your favorite graveyards? Tell us about them in our blog! Help us to discover new places of interest, whether famous or remote ones.

1. Only members can write blog entries. Click on the 'Blog' icon on our homepage and write your story. Entries are subjected to vote and will be published once or twice a week depending on the number of submissions.

2. Entitle your entry ‘Travelling the world + [name of the cemetery]’.

3. Text must be written in English. If English is not your native language, you can add a translation to the English text. Links towards websites outside DeviantArt can be added to the text only if they are relevant ones.

4. Features can be added to the text on a reasonable basis (don’t pack the page with 5,000 pictures – quality, not quantity!)
It’s been a very, very, very (!) long while since this blog was updated and I apologise for this unexpected silence.  The fact is that I am involved in a time-consuming project that will take many months to complete and consequently I spend less and less time around. This is why I think it is time to appoint a new admin so that the activity of the group goes back to its normal rate and people are still happy to be part of this community.

If you are willing to apply, please read the following before rushing to the ‘send a note’ button:

:pointr: Running a group *is* time consuming and this is the first thing to keep in mind: an admin can neither afford to be a dilettante nor set up automatic submissions to let the ship sail where it may. What would be the point of having admins at all? Gravewalkers gathers now 824 members and 1,338 watchers, which is quite an achievement considering our area of interest. We are still a small unit compared to other groups but the amount of work is not to be underestimated: sorting out submissions, answering questions, writing blog entries or news, running contests, featuring members, etc. A group needs more than someone popping up once in a while and forgetting all about it after a week. Which means that it’s better to have been around for a while and logging regularly too.

:pointr: You must be familiar with DA. Not especially of groups and their behind-the-scene processes but at least of the general ways and habits of the place.

:pointr: Language skills! Fluent English is mandatory since DA is an international website.

:pointr: And yes, money is a concern even here: to renew the subscription of the group or to offer prizes for contests. Need material evidences? This page has lost its customized layout because our premium membership has just run out. The renewal price is 41 € - and it’s supposedly a limited offer with a discount. Depending on your philosophy, you either ask members to contribute or you pay the fees yourself.

:pointr: If you manage other groups: there is no need to add a new one to your plate. You have plenty to do already. Don’t be greedy even if you mean well!

:pointr: And last but not least, you must be a member of the group, like cemeteries and have a decent gallery showing some skills at photography.  

If after reading this you still think you would be a terrific and unforgettable admin, you can apply by sending a note and explaining why you should get the job!

I will appoint only one admin; it will be for this person to choose other colleagues if he/she feels like it. I will retain founder’s rights for a few weeks in order to give our new boss time to settle in his/her new role. Once you feel confident and are sure you want to go on, I will retire and let you sole and only master of the place!

:tombstone: Deadline for applications: Friday 13 May

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