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A brisk November wind, a parade with turkey and cranberry sauce, and a mugging gone horribly wrong. These are the things that can scar a child for life causing him to take up a symbol that would surely strike terror in to the hearts of the most hardened of criminals. Cloaked in that most frightful symbol, he strikes out, taking back the night from those who would prey upon the weak and innocent.

He is the night.

He is the Dark Fowl.

He is Earth's Bestest Detective.


Feel his Turkey Justice!

Unfortunately, I can't take credit for this character, though the concept cracks me up. He belongs to warped and bizar fellow, *turkeycreaux though I was happy to just get a chance to draw the Dark Fowl.

This one was a blast to work on and I can't believe how easy it was to get some bricks and textured rock in the digital format. It's almost disconcerting. I put that gargoyle and walls together in about 30 minutes, something that would have taken me a good handful of hours in any traditional media. I can now see why so many people work digitally now... damn, it's easy and fast (well, compared to getting the same equivalent results in a traditional medium)!

Either way, I hope the Turkey likes it, and more of these to come as they... well, come :D
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Turkey IS awesome!