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Taxidermy Teddy



There's a strange teddy bear, large and heavy and squishes wetly when touched. Some swear they've seen it move, others tell stories of a haunting child like voice coming from it asking for a hug. There are many stories about that bear, some saying that it is haunted by the hungry ghost of a starved child who wants only to eat now. Others say it's actually made from two things- a plush toy that was a child's only friend and that very child.

What ever story is told of that bear, one thing is always agreed upon -never ever hug that bear.

Another doodle brought to life in the digital realm. Since I had done The velveteen Rabbit, I decided to do her oft times partner in crime, Taxidermy Teddy, a character of my own design for one :D
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I really love htis little thing...I'd hug him at the expense of my life. Totally.

But the best part is when I looked up at your Power Puff Girls-esque icon...