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Return of the Velveteen Rabbit



For her love and loyalty, she was decreed a biohazard and burned... but now she's back and this time, it's the world that will burn! The Return of the Velveteen Rabbit; twice the action, twice the attitude, and ten times the amount of blood and gore as the original. If you liked the first story, this one will kick your butt

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This started as just a quick little doodle I did in my sketch book while working on blade designs for another commission but it kind of took on a bit of life and before I knew it, I had a nice little sketch of one of *Starchasm's characters that she... um... liberated from an old story.

I liked the little sketch so much that when i had a little extra time today, i went ahead and scanned it in, tossed some color on it and gave it a snazzy little background. All in all, quite nice for a couple of hours work all told, something I really like, and a nice break from my paintings... and speaking of, I gotta get back to work :faint:
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Wow. I love your style. It's very edgy.