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After pondering a caption for this painting for some time, I realized that I simply couldn't. It's more of an all inclusive take on the life story of the two characters depicted, Thor's Assassin and Sassy created by *ThorsAssassin and ~Sasss. If you're curious and want to know more about the two characters (and somehow don't already know) you can check out their bio HERE

As works go, this one posed a LOT of problems for me. First, just getting the general pose sketch orchestrated and out was a doozy. I felt like I was trying to direct a couple of kids in their first kiss (where the hell do the noses go?!) just trying to make sure both figures lined up right etc.

Then there was some mysterious problem with the paper that I still have not figured out. It acted as if the sizing had been mostly removed though, when I tested the rest of the sheet this piece came from, it acted the way it was supposed to. Every time I tried to lay down a thin wash of watercolor, the paper soaked it up instantly leaving it very splotchy and fuzzy.

Since I already had a lot invested in this painting by the time I realized there were issues with this piece of paper (and oddly enough, not the sheet it came from, that still confuses me) I decided to stick it out. I figured it wouldn't take too much extra time if I just abandoned the watercolor on this piece and simply used gouache in heavy coats. I was wrong.

While I'm quite pleased with the results (it's so painty!) I probably won't be doing another in this manner again for some time as it takes about twice as long to complete as other methods I've tried. However, if anyone out there really wants a painting in this style, contact me, we can talk.

Medium: gouache on 300lbs hot pressed watercolor paper

Edit 05/16/07

As per request, I darkened in some of the rocks that TA and Sass are sitting on to highlight the figures carved in them a bit more.
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Wanted to let everyone and especially Graver know that i just got the print in my hands for this a couple days ago and omg is it awesome in person.
You can see so much detail in it better then ya can online.

Really an impressive piece and it's a treasured piece to have for both me and Sassy! Graver, it's outstanding! :)
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I'm glad that, at long last, you finally have it and in one piece!

I'm glad you like it. My watercolors are always a lot better in person... there's just somethings the scanner can never pick up on no matter how hard I try.
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Oh... my... goodness...

<. .>; Graver, I think this is easily one of your best. There's just SO much emotion, so much *feeling*...

And you really made TA look incredible. He looks sooooo good without the mask for a change! The weathering you did on everything is fantastic as well... its just... jaw dropping. <o.@> Sorry to spout so much but its true! Damn fine.
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Thank you! He gave me a good bit of free rein over how I represented the two, and taking off his mask was a must 9it's so rarely done!) The weathering was just icing on the cake... one of my favorite things to do. There once was a time I'd only paint rusted and broken things and this was a happy look back on such times :)
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Hey Gravey-Boat man :deviation: ... just thought you should know that TA and I have gathered 38 faves for this piece too, between us, so now you're lookin' at 126 - thought I'd say that just cuz you're such a freakin awesome artist. :w00t:
graver13's avatar
:O_o: wow, niiiiiiice!

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this is awesome
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It´s a really beautiful watercolor....:heart:
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Incredibly awesome man. Once again, a full story in one image.

Very nice.

Sasss's avatar

Just stopped by to worship some more .....


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ThorsAssassin's avatar
Sassy here, sitting in TA's lap .. just wanted to offer DA some advice.

As the bar has been raised ... we need a NEW button that is one-up from Favourite.

It should be AWED! :faint:


And this piece would be AWED OUT!!!

ThorsAssassin's avatar
Damn brother!!

It's taken me this long to put down a comment to this as I am just still in awe my friend! You completely shattered my expectations in this one but I knew you would. I really think you caught the story line perfectly and managed to catch the passion the characters share.

Sass said it best in her comment man and I am just blown away again! Thank you for your hard work in this piece and for your timeless effort to both bring a story to life and recreate what comic book art SHOULD look like!

You Da Man G!! :worship:

definately my favorite piece in my gallery as of yet! This will certainly be a hard one to top brother! :deviation: and of course fav'ed!
graver13's avatar
Ya, it did take you ong enough ;p

Really glad you like it though and, aparently, everyonhe else does as well. Thanks for giving me the opertunity to make anouther piece to give Heaven and Hell a run for it money :D
ThorsAssassin's avatar
My pleasure my friend!

There WILL be more opportunities down the road as well I am sure! :D
TooPokyMon's avatar
Yeah... what she said.
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This is completely unreal.

Not just because it's an utterly stunning piece, but because I'd never have figured ThorsAssassin for such a romantic!

But seriously, this picture humbles me. Composition, execution, the talent you have with watercolours and gouache, the subtlety of the colour blending, which I know from past experience is no mean feat. I cheat these days - computer colouring is fool proof. I remember the sheer panic I used to feel when colouring with real medium and I have the utmost respect for you for sticking out the trials the paper put you through. You ended up with something extremely special, and I reckon neither Thor's or Sass can tear their eyes away from it (well. Maybe long enough to look at each other :aww:).
The details still break my mind, the scales on the giant snake, the carvings on the rock, the way Sass has fallen totally into Thor's relaxed embrace. Gorgeous.

graver13's avatar
:D Thanks!

And just so you know, I still feel shear panic every time I sit down to begin painting as this paint can be quite unforgivable when it comes to mistakes. Why, just last night, I totally destroyed an arm on one of the paintings I'm working on right now... though in the morning light, it looks like I should be able to salvage it. I stick it out because not only do I love actually making something and not being tied to my computer, but I'm not all that good at digital work. It's too easy to zoom in and get lost in the details :crazy:

Either way, glad I could break your mind with the details that broke mine :faint:
Sasss's avatar
Awww .. TA is a total softie-romantic at heart. :hug: ... one of the softest I suspect .. :giggle:
Sasss's avatar
Graver ......... like everyone else here, words seem somewhat inadequate to the task of both thanking you for manifesting such a poignant and powerfully beautiful piece, and acknowledging what an awesome insight and vast imagination you brought to this. :deviation:

:worship: .... I am amazed and humbled at how this gift actually reflects the love and passion I am blessed with now that I have TA with me at last. You are talented in your empathy as much as your brush my friend.

graver13's avatar
You're more then welcome. I'm just glad I really was able to get a small hint of what you guys feel down on paper and actually manage to pull it off :D... and in a piece that is already in second place of my all time favorited works on DA :crazy: It might have a chance of dethroning Heaven and Hell...
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