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After pondering a caption for this painting for some time, I realized that I simply couldn't. It's more of an all inclusive take on the life story of the two characters depicted, Thor's Assassin and Sassy created by *ThorsAssassin and ~Sasss. If you're curious and want to know more about the two characters (and somehow don't already know) you can check out their bio HERE

As works go, this one posed a LOT of problems for me. First, just getting the general pose sketch orchestrated and out was a doozy. I felt like I was trying to direct a couple of kids in their first kiss (where the hell do the noses go?!) just trying to make sure both figures lined up right etc.

Then there was some mysterious problem with the paper that I still have not figured out. It acted as if the sizing had been mostly removed though, when I tested the rest of the sheet this piece came from, it acted the way it was supposed to. Every time I tried to lay down a thin wash of watercolor, the paper soaked it up instantly leaving it very splotchy and fuzzy.

Since I already had a lot invested in this painting by the time I realized there were issues with this piece of paper (and oddly enough, not the sheet it came from, that still confuses me) I decided to stick it out. I figured it wouldn't take too much extra time if I just abandoned the watercolor on this piece and simply used gouache in heavy coats. I was wrong.

While I'm quite pleased with the results (it's so painty!) I probably won't be doing another in this manner again for some time as it takes about twice as long to complete as other methods I've tried. However, if anyone out there really wants a painting in this style, contact me, we can talk.

Medium: gouache on 300lbs hot pressed watercolor paper

Edit 05/16/07

As per request, I darkened in some of the rocks that TA and Sass are sitting on to highlight the figures carved in them a bit more.
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Wanted to let everyone and especially Graver know that i just got the print in my hands for this a couple days ago and omg is it awesome in person.
You can see so much detail in it better then ya can online.

Really an impressive piece and it's a treasured piece to have for both me and Sassy! Graver, it's outstanding! :)