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Or at least that's what it seems like to me! I never even got around to figuring out how to make shit look all fancy pants (and then my membership ran out anyway).  *le sigh* Lately, I spend most of my time sleeping and working. I haven't really even had much time for video games or anything. It sucks, but it is also really cool, to log onto here and see how productive everybody else on my watch list is. You guys keep pumping out piece after piece after piece! I love seeing all the beautiful work and I wish I had the time and energy to keep up with you guys haha.

If you are reading this and you want to keep up with me a little bit better, here are some other places you can find me... my art facebook page… my personal website and my personal twitter and sometimes I upload videos to my youtube channel…

Also, though, I do a comedy podcast once a week and you can subscribe to it if you have a podcast app on your phone or device. It's pretty much just random and inappropriate humor that my best friend Josh and I come up with. Sometimes we have other friends as guests on the show. It's called "JackaLackaBuff" and we have a website at and a facebook at… and twitter at

So, I guess between the podcast, the tattoo shop, and the hotel, I just haven't gotten to finishing many pieces lately. I did start a sketchbook to try to do more actual sketching to try to kinda train my hand to be able to draw a little bit faster and whatnot. So, hopefully that helps... And I do have a few things I'm working on, a marker drawing, a colored pencil portrait, and some fanart, but I dunno when they'll be 100% done. XD  Anyway, feel free to add me on your whatevers, or follow me, or do whatever u wanna do. And hopefully some time will clear up and I'll be able to work on DA some more later this year. :)
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I made a folder on my facebook page with photos of some artwork I still have that is for sale! If anybody is interested, you can check that out here: :3
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I will be at the RAW Artist show "Merge" at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh on Dec 3rd! There will be live music, performers, photographers, and artists! I am selling 15$ discounted tickets (vs 20$ normal price) for the event. Any tickets sold by me will help cover my space rental costs!

So... As a little bit of a "thank you" for helping me out, anybody who buys a 15$ ticket (even if you aren't going), I will send you an original ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) and a thank you card! I will ship *anywhere* internationally. Just take a screenshot when you buy your ticket and message me with the picture and your address!

When the page is ready for you to buy tickets to the December show, I'll post up the link!

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Me and my best friend Josh are starting a comedy podcast. The first episode is live right now and you can listen to it. When you hear it, it says "Breakfast Dinner with Josh and Jill", but we ended up changing the title before recording the second episode because there is another podcast called "Breakfast for Dinner" and it is done by a guy and a girl... So, we didn't want to look like copycats or be mixed up with them...

The website for it is here:

I'll be making a proper website later on for all of our projects. NosChop Productions is the name of our comedy duo (we've been using it for like 10 years, so just go with it). This is the first actual project that we are putting up live on the internet, so I hope you guys like it... Let me know if you think it's funny. :)
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Would you all be interested in me uploading like rough pictures and whatnot of basically WIP stuff that I have going on? I just thought about and the reason there isn't too much up here is because I always have a buncha stuff like WIP or whatever and don't have a final actually good photo of it or whatever. I was thinking about posting that stuff up in a new folder for WIP stuff, but I dunno if you guys even care or not. HMMMM... whatchuthink bitches?
I got a tattoo apprenticeship! :D So that's pretty cool. Hopefully I can keep up with these young folks, with these old bones of mine... :granny:
I moved my website back over from to a few days ago. I just thought maybe I should post something on here about it, I dunno! DX
Mischief is on sale 60% off for back to school. Check it out, guys! Link here:…
I'm going to start working on an update for my main website. If anybody wants to do a link exchange let me know!
I used to have a pretty successful (imo) oekaki board way back when (like 10 years ago). I've since tried restarting it and it hasn't ever gotten back to where it was. Not sure if it's just a dying art form, or what... So, for those of you that read this, are any of you interested in joining an oekaki board? Or are you already a part of one, or what? Just seeing if I should try again or give up, basically.