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The End

Welp, the season is finally over. :I

Not really much else to say. I'm pretty upset, but I will still do weekly vectors throughout the summer ;) BUT THE EPISODE WAS AWESOME. OH MY GOD. Probably my favourite to date, it just felt like a massive story because of the two parter.

This took literally 7 hours. I don't even know why. It's probably one of my biggest vectors yet, considering it has all the Mane 6, and I've only done one of those =P Overall, there is 190 layers. Hope you guys enjoy this one! Yet another wallpaper because, well, that was my intention. 1920x1080, post a comment if you want me to switch it around for you =P

2560 x 1440 version (Right click save-as): [link]

Cheers! And thanks for such a great season! Hopefully the 3rd will be even better!


If you follow my Twitter at [link] you can get all updates and know ahead what I'm working on and when stuff will be out! :)

Please leave comments and critiques! I want to know what you guys liked and what I need to improve on!

More ponies incoming!
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Did you do it for the 9th and final season of MLP:FIM?
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My Permanent Wallpaper for my Ubuntu Laptop! /) Awesome work bro!
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Thanks! :) Glad you like it
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Not sure, but i think someone stole this from you: [link]
Can you make a 1280x800 version (or one that fits a 16:10 aspect ratio monitor)
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THis is the changelings as them. Why? because I say so.
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Pinkie Pie is missing eyelashes.
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Can you make a 2560x1440 version so that I can see the Mane6 Attack! at native resolution?
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Sorry the the wait, had to head out

Here's the 2560x1440 version :3

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Thanks a bunch.
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Sure can, one second
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On the full-res picture, I can see a part of Pinkie's mane that isn't filled in. On the top left. I'm still downloading this.
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Wow, you people are good at spotting things!

I'll fix that right now :3
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Actually, what's funny is that I noticed that practically immediately.
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Daaaw... you picked the Changelings side...
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Trot Pilgrim: If we're going to date, you may have to defeat my 6 evil ex-girlfriends
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Fight! Super Lifeform Pony
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> TS: Ask PC to conjure more powerful weapons.

Princess Celestia nods sagely. She'll see what she can do.

Pinkie Pie is armed with the ELEMENT OF LAUGHTER.
Rarity is armed with the ELEMENT OF GENEROSITY.
Applejack is armed with the ELEMENT OF HONESTY.
Fluttershy is armed with the ELEMENT OF KINDNESS.
Rainbow Dash is armed with the ELEMENT OF LOYALTY.
Twilight Sparkle is armed with the ELEMENT OF MAGIC.

> Pose as a team, because SHIT JUST GOT REAL.
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Awesome job! Also...1900 layers? :iconrarityfaintplz:
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I was about to say xD
That would of been an insane amount of layers.
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