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Thought I'd throw out another one this week, I felt very vector-y this past weekend!

This was a project I actually started on back in the summer but never finished it for some reason. Decided it would be a nice little vector to show that I'm not totally dead and make up for the two weeks I disappeared xD

Please leave comments and critiques! I want to know what you guys liked and what I need to improve on!

More ponies incoming!
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You need to credit the person who did the base!!
GySGtGibbs's avatar least i found someone i can hire to re-paint my house :D
PositivePinkie's avatar
because everypony LOOVES art^^
TheMusicBrony's avatar
xXTheCatsMeowXx's avatar
hahahah lololololo trolololololololololol
master-chief2064's avatar
Pinkie: Looks Great!
rainbowdash:It Needs to be about 20% Cooler.
arlos411's avatar
nice picture i like it.
BloodyPink-M's avatar
Meatabex's avatar
Wow! I like it!
Fundz64's avatar
equestria is already pastel painted everywhere.. what do they have left to paint? :?
riverspring's avatar
XD relax's, we're painters!
silentsteel's avatar
I loved that scene.
Forrunner's avatar
"Pinkie thought it would be a good prank to paint the fourth wall."
HeartinaRosebud's avatar
Hey, this is sweet!
SuperBrony79's avatar
"professional" surreeeee...
SteamLocoFan98's avatar
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ArcLightKey's avatar
Interesting fact, they both have the other's color as their own eye color.... just thought you should now
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