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There comes sometimes in life that one asks "Why the fuck does this exist?"

You put random shit that 99% of any project won't need into the beginning interface, make random ass errors pop up that are just there because they didn't know how to code it properly, add the fact that the program thinks AHEAD OF TIME AND THINKS THAT IT KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED AND APPLIES IT WITHOUT ANY SIGN OF WARNING when you actually have NEVER. FUCKING. USED. THAT. SETTING. BEFORE, replaces the stroke colour with the fill colour WHILE YOU'RE MAKING A LINE,

And you get Adobe Illustrator. The downright worst program I've ever used.

I've been using Photoshop for over two years, vector experience almost one, and I've gotten used to the random shit it throws at me and I KNOW when it will try to "help" me by telling me that I can't move a specific pen path. I've used Illustrator ~10 months ago and I was practising with it the same way I learned Photoshop. I knew that I'd have to work with it for months before I got used to it, and I did. I kept using Photoshop until I knew everything about it, and eventually I got to that point. But Illustrator has so much pointless fucking annoying as shit in it it's just ridiculous to use.

So, why am I trying Illustrator? I can stroke a path and it has the ability to auto-curve the end of a line. That's it. I could easily stroke a path in Photoshop and erase the end away, but I thought it would be easier to just try and let it automatically do it for me. TURNS OUT 8/10 TIMES IS DOESN'T. It auto-resets to the default fucking square end and you have to manually edit it to make it rounded. Then it THINKS that you somehow want to make the stroke white and the size 1 and it just AUTOMATICALLY DOES IT. Who fucking thought that was a good idea?!?!

Photoshop: shitty program. It thinks you need shit just like Illustrator, but I know all of the shit it will throw at me. Illustrator is shitty Photoshop times 20. With a longer drawing process and more frustrating interface, too.

So, yes I could spend months drawing in Illustrator until I got everything down just like Photoshop. But after using it for the past 5 hours straight trying to get this vector done, I'm not. In the end, Photoshop is easier and I can save it as a .SVG in either programs.

Thank you for listening. Adobe sucks. And this is just my opinion, I haven't had enough practice with it for a true review, but these are my first impressions. I will try more vectors in illustrator.

Also, yes this vector has been done countless times. It was a practice with Illustrator and I didn't expect to upload it, but it took so long it would have been a waste of time.


Please leave comments and critiques! I want to know what you guys liked and what I need to improve on!

More ponies incoming!
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I hope you don't mind but I've used this for this quick little comic. [link] I hope you don't mind ^-^;
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Oh, she's just so beautiful! :)
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Nothing about your vector to say, that's quite good.
But I know how you feel with some programs.
Got a different oppinion about PS CS5, that's quite good if you know what to use. Just one thing: Don't do vectors. That's a waste of time.
For that I recommend Inkscape. Freeware, works and knows what it does. And I hate it. Just because it took me several hours of my life to figure out that I can definitely NOT combine it with PS in any possible way without at least putting GIMP inbetween both of them.
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I've been using Photoshop for vectors for the past year, I tried Inkscape last weekend and It was just pure confusion because I looked for 20 minutes until I found layers. I tried Illustrator because It's the closest to PS so I don't have to start COMPLETELY from scratch, but I want to work with actual vector layers and not just vector paths of colour fills
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Oh, I know what you mean. You need tutorials to get a start on Inkscape, and I think when you want to stay close to PS and still want a program to make good vectors, use Flash then. Haven't used it before because I can't afford it, but it came to my ears that it's a really good one.
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I used to use Flash, but the fact it isn't exactly meant for making vector images kind of turns me down because it just doesn't feel right.

I'm getting better at Illustrator, though :D
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Then keep it up that way!
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Illustrator is awesome once you know the right tools to use. The only problem I had was with CS6, where I forgot to periodically save, and it crashed. I lost about 2-3 hours of work, and I was pissed. It's really dumb that it doesn't have an autosave feature like Photoshop CS6.
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You could always use the Actions panel to autosave; here's a tutorial. It's slightly over-complicated, but I think it would work well.
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Gosh darn it, I feel the same way about Illustrator! >: ( Can't work with that program worth anything - it keeps resetting and unsetting things like you said.

You still made the vector turn out great, though. :)
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It looks really good.
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Love the title! It gives the pi a good feeling, like a calm breath before an exhilarating flight.
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Nice pic, but sadly, I won't try to make a critique... :(
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Despite the difficulty you had with the program, I think it turned out well. All that i could see was a tiny bit of blue at the base of the ear. It's either the hair group peeking out or the fill of the ear not lining up with the ear outline. I hate to even point it out, it's so small, but I thought that might be part of the critique you were looking for.

As far as Illustrator, I've been working in it for a number of years (since version 6 I believe, back when most of our printing was done by film) and would be glad to offer any help I can, when you would like it. Though much of my experience with Illustrator is on the print production side I've found much of it translates to vectoring artwork quite well. While I certainly don't want to pull anyone away from Inkscape, a great program, I believe that once a person gets used to working with Illustrator and the tools it provides they will find it an enjoyable experience.
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I tried learning illustrator. Trial version.
Fucking nightmare to use.

I moved to INKSCAPE for vectors, .svg and bitmap exports. It is so much easier to learn in my opinion.

You seem to have gotten Ai to work for you here tho
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I feel your pain with Illustrator. I used to know how to use it back when it was CS2 and the vector tool worked like in photoshop CS5. But it's changed a lot and I've no idea what I'm doing in there anymore.

Anyway back to the pic. This looks darn good considering it was an experiment with an unfamiliar program. The only thing I saw was a small fill error at the bottom of her left ear where her mane went a bit farther than I think you meant to. Other than that, awesome job :D.
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OMG I hate Illustrator. I totally prefer Corel! (11 and up)
You should demo x6 and see if you like it. 30 days free!! (Sorry for advertising xD)
Also, it's cool to see you coming out with some works bro, I haven't heard from you in a while ^^
Nice vector, I don't see any errors except maybe the back legs should be a shade darker? idk, but keep it up, looks great.

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I haven't tried illustrator, but the pen tool in photoshop is a bitch for me too. This is my favorite: "Oh, you want pen pressure? Let me turn the fucking line into an elongated diamond and point the ends into oblivion. That looks like varied pressure, right?"

Or the oh so common,

"You wanted a new curve point? Here, let me just start a sub path and fuck up everything."
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I want to know more of these problems that you are having with Illustrator. All of my vectors are done on it and I haven't had that happen at all. The stroke width will change sometimes when I start a new stroke, but that's it.
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