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DONE! :)

Oh my god. This morning's episode. MY FAVOURITE. Oh, yeah, by the way. THERE'S FUCKING DERPY IN IT. You've probably all seen this scene, so I decided to vector it (As fast as possible)

Here's a work-in-progress pic :)

You can check out the version with a background at


Edit: Fixed all overlapping burn marks. No idea how I didn't notice those before


If you follow my Twitter at [link] you can get all updates and know ahead what I'm working on and when stuff will be out! :)

Please leave comments and critiques! I want to know what you guys liked and what I need to improve on!

More ponies incoming!
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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There were some small things I noticed but they are all simple fixes. Awesome vector I love the use of gradients especially in the cloud and all the curls and curves are done extremely well.

To the critique! The smoke layer can be noticed where it overlaps some of the outlines, most notably of which are the chin chest and back leg. The lower hair layer I think was misplaced, and there was one spot on the wing where your fill layer didn't go under the outline. That's it! Grate stuff overall. Very jealous.

Here's it all in an image form! [link]
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Edit: oh lord, my Internet finally loaded your picture! That's a lot worse than I thought, what the hell was I thinking?

I'll fix that as soon as I get home, thanks for the points :P
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Thanks for the critique (and the rating ;))

The thing with the smoke layer was supposed to overlap the outlines, a tried doing it under the outline but above the fill and it did not look good at all

Thanks again!
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I actually noticed that she DERPS in that EXACT pose in the EDITED version.
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Are the smoke spots on Derpy rasterized? And if not how did you do them?
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They're vectors, I made the outline of the smoke, turned it into a vector, filled it with black, and them set the opacity to 25%

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Wait, what do you mean "turned it in to a vector?" Isn't it already a vector? Do you mean you put a vector mask on the shape layer you made to give it the gradient effect? Cuss that would work. I was under the impression if you scaled the image the vector mask's black/white layer would pixilate. But then again I never thought why it was called a "Vector" mask. Heh. I might have to look in to that.

Also did you intend to put the smoke layer over her lower mane and give it that odd stroke with no bezier curves? [link] It looks un-intentional I'm just not sure how...
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I messed up the layering on her hair there, I was just about to go fix it :)
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I loved the participation of derpy hopefully continue using it.
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Yay Derpy! I love the vector, but I got one small nitpick about it. You didn't fill her tail all the way through, the last bit behind her rear leg only has the stroke.
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Oh shoot! You're right! I'll fix that up :)
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Derping around... :dummy:
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that part... i loved her little dance on the cloud after she tasted the storm call thingy >D
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This is great. Now that she's an actual canon character, Derpy can officially be best pony! :D
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:heart: I Only Saw This Part :heart:
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I have that sad feeling that minor electric discharges from storm clouds (micro-lightnings, respectively) can become an addiction. But enough of that, DERPY'S HERE!
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Aww Derpy Hooves^^
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Nice job mate, looks wonderful. Missing cutie mark though.
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Haha, awesome work! I loved this part. XP
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